City Hall Access Limited. Community Center Closed. 

City facilities other than City Hall will remain closed to the public. Residents interested in purchasing yard waste bags or tags can click HERE for information on retail establishments where they can be purchased. Contractor grade black trash bags in bulk can be purchased at most home improvement stores.


Amtrak service has not been suspended, however all Amtrak passengers will be required to wear a mask (and provide their own when doing so).


Please call police dispatch at 314-822-5858 for general inquiries or for further assistance.  Other inquiries can be made by emailing

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Making Pedestrian Safety a Priority

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Focus on Pedestrian Safety Takes Priority in Kirkwood 

The City of Kirkwood is a walkable, bikeable community, where pedestrian safety takes priority.  City Council and City staff have been proactive in researching and planning ways to keep pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists all safe while they navigate the City and its neighborhoods.  Below are plans and projects that exemplify this focus. 

Kirkwood Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan

Developed in 2014-2015 in partnership with Trailnet and after significant citizen input and vision, this 15-year plan was created with the goal of enhancing walking and biking in streets and parks in Kirkwood.  Stated goals include:

  • Prioritizing investments in walking and biking, based on cost and available right-of-way, to strengthen the overall network
  • Seeing routine maintenance and upgrades as opportunities to improve the biking/walking network
  • Consistently searching out state and federal grant opportunities and strengthening those funding options
  • Identifying opportunities for education and encouragement of walking and biking. 

Street Projects Engineered with Safety as a Goal

  • Kirkwood Road Signal Project with enhanced crosswalks, pedestrian signals, and accessible curb ramps
  • Installation of PHBs (Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons) on Kirkwood Road as part of the 2019 Kirkwood Road Signal Project
  • Design of PHBs to be installed on Geyer Road in 2020 as part of the Geyer Road Reconstruction Project
  • High-visibility crosswalks downtown
  • Bike wayfinding signs that establish a unified design for directional signage aimed at cyclists and pedestrians as they navigate through the City

Other Projects and Outreach

  • ADA Analysis of City intersections planned for 2020
  • Complete Streets pilot projects on Woodbine, from Geyer to Craig
  • Buffered Bike Lanes on Fillmore by Fillmore Park
  • Kirkwood Police Department’s Bicycle Safety Courses (“Bike Rodeo”) at area schools.
  • Kirkwood Fire Department’s partnership with the Magic House on “Safety Town”
  • Kirkwood Fire Department’s safety offerings, including car seat installation training

Vision Zero Action Plan Under Development:

  • Integrated and unique approaches to traffic safety
  • Goals established to prevent fatal and severe crashes in a systematic and cost-conscious approach
  • Collaborative effort between City staff, elected officials, residents, and business community
  • Research will be data driven, with future planning based on data analysis and with the goal of zero pedestrian deaths and zero serious injuries 

Vision Zero Project Status:  In late 2018, the Mayor appointed a Vision Zero task force that is composed of Council members and City staff. The Task Force reviewed five years of police department crash data, reviewed the City’s Bike and Pedestrian Plan, and selected wayfinding signage. Based on the results of their findings, discussion, and public input, the Task Force recommended in July 2019 that the City implement a Vision Zero plan.  At its September 5, 2019 meeting, City Council approved hiring a consultant to study Vision Zero and develop an action plan.  In the coming months, residents will be invited to get more involved and information will be distributed on how the action plan will be rolled out.  Additional updates will be posted on the City website.

Complete Streets Consortium Workshops

The City was selected by the National Complete Streets Coalition – out of a large field of applicants – to participate in a series of Complete Streets workshops in 2020. The City was selected because of its past and current projects as well as its goals for the future. In its application, the City emphasized its commitment to “support quality of life through increasing community accessibility and mobility for all modes of transportation (walking, balking, transit, etc.) and all levels of abilities.” The workshops are designed to identify and overcome barriers to implement activity-friendly routes to everyday destinations that make it safe and convenient for people of all abilities to walk, run, bike, skate, or use wheelchairs to reach homes, jobs, shops, schools, and more.  Read more about this in the press release.