City Hall Access Limited to Appointment Only. Community Center Closed. 

Until further notice, City facilities other than City Hall will remain closed to the public. City hall will continue to provide access only by appointment. Residents interested in purchasing yard waste bags or tags can click HERE for information on retail establishments where they can be purchased. Contractor grade black trash bags in bulk can be purchased at most home improvement stores.


Kirkwood Electric & Kirkwood Water will not be doing shut-offs, and late fees for utility payments will be waived. Amtrak service has not been suspended, however effective May 11 all Amtrak passengers will be required to wear a mask (and provide their own when doing so).


Please call police dispatch at 314-822-5858 for general inquiries or for further assistance.  Other inquiries can be made by emailing


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Water Rates

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How Your Water Bill is Calculated

Your Kirkwood Water bill is comprised of the following monthly charges:

  • Rate/CCF - $2.8138 ($2.81) per 100 cubic feet of water used
  • Meter Charge:
    Meter Size Monthly Rate
    5/8" $11.17
    3/4" $12.46
    1" $15.10
    1-1/2" $21.60
    2" $29.40
    3" $50.25
    4" $73.69
    6" $138.85
    8" $217.01
    10" $312.25
    12" $425.49
  • Infrastructure Renewal Fee (IRF) - $1.07 per 100 cubic foot.
  • This fee is calculated using the annual costs associated for infrastructure replacement.
  • Primacy Fee - $0.18 x Usage
    Established in 1992 as a dedicated funding source to support the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ efforts to ensure adequate water that is safe to drink. The primacy fee provides funding necessary to implement the federal and state Safe Drinking Water Act regulations and maintain delegation of the federal public drinking water program.
  • Water Service Line Repair Fund - $1.00

All water-related charges are billed monthly.

For more detailed information, see the City Ordinance (Division 2, Section 23-142) located here.

If you have more specific questions about water rates or your water bill, please contact the City’s Customer Service Department at 314-822-5843.