Fire Hydrant Use Permit

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Using Fire Hydrants

HydrantEffective April 1, 2014, the policy and procedure for using the City of Kirkwood’s fire hydrants will change. Please continue to read the following information for specific instructions.

Prior to using our fire hydrants, Kirkwood Water Department requires a Kirkwood Water meter be installed on the fire hydrant for the purpose of measuring the amount of water used. The water meter will be installed and removed by a Kirkwood Water employee. Please contact Kirkwood Water at 314-984-5936, or visit us in person at 212 S. Taylor Avenue in Kirkwood, to schedule the use of the fire hydrant.  We require a 24-hour notice - same day requests will not be honored.  

The department needs the exact address or intersection location of the fire hydrant for the permit. Fire hydrant usage is allowed by permit only, which includes fire hydrant usage fees. Also required is a copy of a current backflow test report for the backflow device that will be used. Please note that it is illegal to use or operate any City of Kirkwood fire hydrant without first obtaining a permit from Kirkwood Water.

If you wish to complete the paperwork ahead of time, the permit form can be downloaded here. (This is an interactive form. You can click inside the boxes, fill it out, and then print.) If you prefer to email the completed permit form and current backflow test report to our office, you may send it to: This will eliminate the need for you to come to the office. We will mark your permit "Approved" and return it to you by email. A copy of this "Approved" permit must be with you at the job site.


Hydrant usage: $15.00 (minimum, includes 12 ccf of water usage) and then $2.81 for reach additional ccf of water used.

Inspection fee: $15.00 per hydrant. Inspections are performed when the permit period expires. The City's Finance Department will send an invoice to your company for the applicable charge, which is to be paid within 15 days of receipt.

Download the Fire Hydrant Use Permit

Hydrant Use Permit