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2019 Asphalt Pavement Rejuvenator (Pending)

The project includes the application of an emulsified maltene based asphalt rejuvenator to streets receiving a hot mix asphalt surface in 2018.

2019 UBAWS (Pending)

The project includes surface profile and edge milling and a 3/4" asphalt wearing surface. Bike facilities will be striped per the Kirkwood Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan

Kirkwood Road Signal Optimization and Interconnect and South Kirkwood Road - Nipher Middle School Safe Routes to School (Construction)

This  project includes the upgrade of 11 signalized intersections on Kirkwood Road from Big Bend Blvd to Manchester Rd including a fiber optic interconnect.  A Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB) will replace the existing traffic signal for the pedestrian crosswalk near Hollywood Ln. The sidewalk curb ramps and signals will also be constructed to meet ADA  requirements.  A 5' wide ADA compliant sidewalk will be added or reconstructed along the east side of Kirkwood Road from Chester Ave to Nipher Middle School. The projects are partially funded by the CMAQ and TAP federal programs. You can visit the Kirkwood Rd Signal Project page for more information.

Geyer Road Resurfacing -Phase 1 (Design)

This project includes removing 2" of the asphalt surface, 2" asphalt overlay, spot curb repair, repair of sidewalk trip hazards, ADA curb ramp reconstruction and pavement markings for bicycle facilities. Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB) will replace the existing traffic signal for the pedestrian crosswalk near Keysor Elementary School.  The project limits are Manchester Rd. south to W. Adams Ave.  This project is partially funded by the STP federal program.  Construction is anticipated to start in winter of 2019. 

Manchester Road Enhancements (Design)

MoDOT is currently designing a project which includes resurfacing the roadway and ADA compliant sidewalks from Lindbergh Blvd in Kirkwood to Big Bend Blvd in Maplewood.  The City of Kirkwood is partnering with MoDOT to provide enhancements to the project including a 5’ wide green buffer between the sidewalk and roadway, pedestrian lighting and bus shelters within the City limits and a bike lane and other safety improvements at the Woodlawn Avenue intersection.  More information about the project schedule can be found on MoDOT's project page.

Quan Avenue Reconstruction (Design)

The project intends to include the reconstruction of the street pavement, improved intersection geometrics and replacement of the traffic signals, and reconstruction or addition of 5' wide ADA compliant sidewalks on Quan Ave. A public meeting will be held on April 2, 2019 to discuss the project with the community.  Construction is anticipated to start winter of 2019.

W. Essex Avenue Improvements (Conceptual Design)

W. Essex Ave. is designated as "Neighborhood Greenway" by the Kirkwood Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan. This project is exploring conceptual designs for W. Essex Ave. from Kirkwood Rd. to Geyer Rd.  The project is seeking to include a new pavement cross section, new 5' wide ADA compliant sidewalks, mid-block crossings and bicycle facilities consistent with a "Neighborhood Greenway".   The City held a public meeting in November 2018 to gather input from residents on design alternatives and submitted an application in February 2019 for federal funding.

Sidewalk Gap Infill Projects (Design)

The Kirkwood Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan has identified gaps in the recommended walking routes throughout the community. The City's engineering consultant is currently preparing plans to connect the gaps on E. Jefferson Ave near Holmes Ave and S. Fillmore Ave between Argonne Dr and E. Madison Ave.  The City will be held an informational meeting with the adjacent property owners in December 2019 to introduce the preliminary plans and receive feedback.  Construction is anticipated during the summer of 2019.