Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon

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PHB Foresite

A Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon, or PHB, is a traffic signal used at mid-block crosswalks or intersections to provide a safer crossing for pedestrians. Also referred to as HAWK signal, a PHB differs from a pre-timed traffic signal or flashing beacon because it remains inactive or "dark" until activated by a pedestrian. This can help increase driver attention to pedestrians crossing the roadway, and can reduce rear-end collisions. PHB’s may be implemented when an engineering study demonstrates there is a high pedestrian demand to cross a roadway without enough adequate traffic gaps to safely cross.  View, print or share this PHB Flyer with your friends and neighbors.

Locations in Kirkwood:

  • Kirkwood Road, near Hollywood Lane
  • Geyer Road, at Keysor Elementary School - coming in 2020

Benefits of PHBs

  • 69 percent reduction in pedestrian crashes and 29 percent reduction in total crashes
  • Reduces dangerous driver violations at pedestrian crossings
  • Reduces the amount of rear-end vehicle crashes when compared to traditional traffic signals
  • Reduces the amount of driver delay experienced at traditional traffic signals by as much as 50 percent, while still providing a clear indication to stop for pedestrians.
  • Provides an option for a signalized pedestrian crossing when a traffic signal is not warranted

PHB Operation

PHB Operation

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