Kirkwood/Oakland Neighborhood Watch

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Neighborhood Watch logosFor more than 30 years law enforcement has worked hand in hand with civilians to reduce crime and improve neighborhoods around the country. Traditionally a Neighborhood Watch group is led by a resident who is actively involved and dedicated to the safety and issues facing their neighborhood.

Want to organize a Neighborhood Watch group? Here's how:

  1. Create Awareness. Talk to neighbors or potential volunteers about the particular concern or general issue affecting your neighborhood. Post signs requesting feedback.
  2. Organize volunteers. Get the word out and recruit volunteers who want to be involved with the core group. Choose a Block Captain and Co-Captain.
  3. Coordinate with Law Enforcement. Contact Officer Gary Baldridge, Community Services Officer, at 314-822-5868. Advise him of the concerns and schedule a meeting.
  4. Meet. Identify concerns during the first meeting. Meeting attendees will address and prioritize specific concerns. Visualize your neighborhood in 10 years and develop an action plan.
  5. Train. Schedule meetings that include law enforcement that will help the citizens work together to protect themselves and their community

Depending upon the level of neighbor participation, residents can request a Neighborhood Watch Eye on Crime Sign. The sign advises would-be criminals that your neighborhood has an active Watch Program with caring and informed citizens. Neighborhood Watch is run by the residents for the residents.

If interested please contact Officer Gary Baldridge at 314-822-5868 or for further information.