City Hall Access Limited. Community Center Closed. 

City facilities other than City Hall will remain closed to the public. Residents interested in purchasing yard waste bags or tags can click HERE for information on retail establishments where they can be purchased. Contractor grade black trash bags in bulk can be purchased at most home improvement stores.


Amtrak service has not been suspended, however all Amtrak passengers will be required to wear a mask (and provide their own when doing so).


Please call police dispatch at 314-822-5858 for general inquiries or for further assistance.  Other inquiries can be made by emailing

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Code Enforcement

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The City’s Code Enforcement office and the Building Commissioner’s office both enforce the City’s Code of Ordinances and conduct inspections.  The kinds of inspections, however, can be very different. If you were ever not sure who to call, the City has a new brochure available that breaks it down. The brochure is available at City Hall, but you can also open and print this PDF.   Below is a list of the areas the Code Enforcement office investigates.

To report a Code Enforcement issue, call 314-822-5805, or use the mobile app KirkwoodKonnect, available in the App Store on your mobile device.  The following issues are handled by the Code Enforcement inspectors. 

  • Accessory structure (sheds) in disrepair
  • Animal pen, coop, stable condition of
  • Bare dirt or soil with lack of ground cover
  • Bushes and trees overgrown onto the right-of-way
  • Dead trees, tree limbs, or bushes
  • Dead animals, carcass of
  • Decks or stairs in disrepair
  • Driveways in disrepair, commercial or residential
  • Exterior of structure in disrepair (chimneys, doors, hand/guard rails, roof, shutters, walls, windows)
  • Fences, initial complaint of or in disrepair or collapsed
  • Graffiti: Defacement of property
  • Grass and weeds on properties in excess of 8 inches tall
  • Odors, offensive, putrid, noxious, or unhealthy
  • Retaining walls, collapse or disrepair
  • Signs:  Political, real estate, or miscellaneous (includes signs, streamers, or inflatable devices)
  • Sewer, blocked or collapsed sanitary sewer lateral, initial complaint of
  • Sidewalk obstructions (dirt, mud, snow, ice, filth)
  • Swimming pools in disrepair or unsanitary conditions
  • Trash, rubbish, garbage, or debris on private property
  • Trailers parking or storage on private property
  • Vacant structures, securing and board-up openings
  • Water, foul or dirty water discharge
  • Weeds causing irritation or lesions to skin