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  • Have a question about your utility bill? Call 314-822-5843
  • Have a question about a business license or a liquor license? Call 314-984-6944
  • In person: The Finance Window is located on the main level at Kirkwood City Hall, 139 S. Kirkwood Road.

Utilities and Services

Business Licenses and Liquor Licenses

Budget Information and Documents

For previous years' City budgets or copies of older CAFRs, please contact the City Clerk at 314-822-5802.

Proposition P Funds

In April 2017, St. Louis County voters approved Proposition P, which imposed a one-half of one percent sales tax for the purpose of improving police and public safety in St. Louis County and in municipalities within St. Louis County. Revenue received from the sales tax is distributed as follows: 37.5 percent to St. Louis County and 62.5 percent to St. Louis County municipalities and unincorporated areas, based on their population as a percent of the total population of St. Louis County. Retailers began collecting the tax in October 2017, and the first distribution from the state to the county and to municipalities occurred in December 2017.