CodeRED Emergency Notifications

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CodeRed LogoThe City of Kirkwood has implemented a new high-speed emergency notification system called CodeRED. The new system will help us reach residents and business owners in the event of an emergency or a situation that needs your immediate attention.

At this time, typical emergencies associated with the system will be: Boil water alert, earthquake, tornado, train derailment, foreign or domestic terrorist attack (bombing, shooter, etc.), flood, chemical spill, major road closure, other National Weather Service warnings (ice storm, major snow), and mass civil unrest or disturbance. These events may be related to other things such as major power outages, significant water main breaks, massive fires, or other issues, and the messages the City sends can provide additional information related to those occurrences. As time goes by, the City may modify or expand system use to encompass power outages, sewer tests by MSD, or other non-emergency but important notifications.

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This is a completely voluntary system. That means that to receive notifications, residents and business owners must "opt in" and register for the system. You can do so by visiting CodeRED. The CodeRED system will then walk you through the registration process.

Notification Methods: You can opt to receive notifications by phone (landline), by cell phone, by text, and by email (or by all four).