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Since 1865, the citizens of Kirkwood have actively continued to shape our city government to meet the needs of our community. In keeping with our heritage and in order to secure the benefits and advantages of home rule as authorized under the Constitution of the State of Missouri, we, the voters of the City of Kirkwood, hereby adopt the following charter:

Article I:

Incorporation, Name and Boundaries

Section l.l. Incorporation, name and boundaries.

The inhabitants of the City of Kirkwood within the corporate limits as now established or as hereafter established in the manner provided by law, shall continue to be a municipal body politic and corporate in perpetuity, under the name of the City of Kirkwood.

Article II:


Section 2.1. Powers.

The city shall have all powers which the General Assembly of the State of Missouri has authority to confer upon any city, provided such powers are consistent with the Constitution of Missouri and are not limited or denied either by this charter or by statute. The city shall have all powers conferred by law in addition to its home rule powers. The powers of the city shall be liberally construed. The specific mention of a particular power in this charter shall not be construed as limiting the powers of the city.