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Welcome to Kirkwood!

Turn-of-the-century homes and a thriving business community await you in the City of Kirkwood, Missouri. Established in 1853, Kirkwood has long been known for its down-home charm, community pride, nationally recognized schools, vibrant business community, and its involved residents.

News & Announcements

Holiday Closing Information

CHRISTMAS:  City Hall and most City offices will be closed for Christmas on Wednesday, December 24, and Thursday, December 25. Sanitation will be collected normally on December 24, but there will be no sanitation collection on December 25. Thursday routes will be collected on Friday.  The Community Center will be closed on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but will be open normal hours on Friday, December 26, and Saturday, December 27.   The Ice Rink will be closed on Christmas Day but will be open the rest of the weekend. Please check the City Website for the full public skating schedule: kirkwoodmo.org/IceRink.

NEW YEAR'S:  City Hall and most City offices will be open on New Year’s Eve, December 31, but all offices will be closed on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2015. The Community Center will close at 4:00 p.m., on December 31. The Ice Rink will have public skating sessions on both December 31 and January 1. Please check the public skating schedule on the City Website for session times.

City Council Schedule for January 2015

Due to the New Year's holiday, City Council will not meet in January 1.  Instead, Council will meet on January 8 and 15 at 7:00 p.m., with a work session immediately preceding the formal meeting.

Kirkwood Water Meter Upgrades Are Under Way

Utility Metering Solutions (UMS) is now installing new AMR / AMI (automated meter reading/automated metering infrastructure).  The project will start out slow to ensure that proper data transfers are made and to adjust any operational issues before ramping up to full scale later this month. UMS representatives will operate in marked vehicles with the UMS logo throughout the City.  They will wear UMS logo shirts and safety vests and will have identification badges with the City's logo and the workers' picture.


The City began a comprehensive water meter replacement program in October that will upgrade or replace approximately 10,340 meters. Residents were notified earlier this year in utility bills that the City would implement an automatic meter reading (AMR) system starting in the Fall.  The City has hired Utility Metering Solutions (UMS) to perform this upgrade and replacement project.  This improvement to the City's water distribution system adds an electronic meter-reading capability and allows the City to replace meters that have served beyond their estimated useful life.


The new "smart" meters will minimize the need for personnel to go onto property or inside the home, and they will eliminate the need for estimated bills. With the new system, Kirkwood Water will have the ability to detect if a leak or backflow problem is occurring in a resident's plumbing system.   The project is predicted to take about six months to complete. For a list of frequently asked questions (and answers), click here.


Order of Plowing Reminder

When snow falls, City plowing crews focus first on the main roads, such as Kirkwood Road, Geyer Road, Essex, Woodlawn, Woodbine, Couch, etc.   Cleaning these streets first allows emergency vehicles to get through when needed. During this first stage, street crews also work on hills and bridges. Crews do not begin to work on secondary streets until the snow stops. Secondary streets include Taylor, Fillmore, Dickson, Quan, Rose Hill, Clay, Lindeman, Harrison, Peeke, and Ann. When all those are done, crews move to subdivision streets and clear those.

PRE-TREATING:  When possible, crews pre-treat all City streets when a storm has been predicted. However, in some storms, when the temperatures are very low, pretreating may not work very well.

City of Kirkwood Conducts Community Survey

The City of Kirkwood has contracted with ETC Institute to perform a community survey.  The survey will be random and statistically valid.  It was mailed to a random sample of residents at the end of November. Those residents who received the survey can fill it out and return it in the pre-addressed, stamped envelope that was included with the survey.  Participants can also complete the survey on the ETC Website, and a link was provided with the survey. Some residents may receive a telephone call reminding them to complete the survey.

Individual responses will be completely confidential, and the City will not be informed which residents received or completed surveys.  Survey questions primarily deal with the level of satisfaction residents have with City services such as police, fire, parks, streets, water, sanitation, electric service, and utility billing.  ETC Institute will compile and present aggregate results to the Mayor and City Council in January 2015. For any questions about the survey, please contact the Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Georgia Ragland at 314-822-5801 or RaglanGL@kirkwoodmo.org.

Register for Skate Lessons

Registration is open for the November-December skate sessions.  Click here to access the schedule for skating, hockey, figure skating, and ice dance classes for all levels.

New Customer Service Form Allows for Anonymous Comments to City

A new customer service form, the Neighborhood Caretaker Alert form, is now available to residents who prefer a hard-copy form and/or one that is anonymous to notify the City of problems or issues of importance.  The new form, which allows residents to communicate concerns, is an extension of the Citizens' Action Center, accessible here on the Website.  The hard-copy form, which includes a unique tracking number and two copies (one for the resident and one for the City), will allow residents to make anonymous comments and then check the Website, on this page, using their tracking number, to follow up on the outcome of their concern or complaint.  The forms may be picked up at City Hall, the Kirkwood Community Center, and the Kirkwood Public Library.  For additional information, please call 314-822-8506.