Neighborhood Caretaker Alert
Response Center

Citizens can use the Neighborhood Caretaker Alert (NCA) form to anonymously notify the City of issues or concerns.  The NCA form is available in paper form only at City Hall, 139 S. Kirkwood Road; at the Kirkwood Community Center, 111 S. Geyer Road; at the Kirkwood Public Library, 140 E. Jefferson Avenue; and at ALL THREE Fire Houses (137 W. Argonne, 11804 Big Bend, and 1321 W. Essex).  If you have completed a form previously, you can find the results of your anonymous Neighborhood Caretaker Alert form here - click on the link and then enter your form number:

For Residents

Online Services


The list of online services Kirkwood offers is growing daily. Today, you can sign up for online utility billing and online utility account management. Click here to find out how it works and what kinds of information you will need to get started. If you have your bill in front of you, and have already read the “how to” flyer you received with your May utility bill, click here to get started.


A new, versatile online customer service center allows citizens to enter a comment, question, or request, track its progress, be informed by email when it is completed, and find out exactly who is accountable for your request all along the way. This is not a system for reporting public safety emergencies (for emergencies, please always call 911) or for conducting City transactions, such as obtaining a building permit, renting space at the Community Center, or paying a parking ticket.

Instead, the new Citizen Action Center will help you to report a street light out, compliment an employee, report an abandoned vehicle, or express an opinion to the Mayor or City Council – to name just a few examples.  Click here to go to the NEW Citizen Action Center!


You can sign up for any of several informative City of Kirkwood E-Newsletters, including the main City e-newsletter and the Parks and Recreation E-Mail Club. (We will never share your email address with outside services.) Sign up today!