CURBSIDE RECYCLING COMES TO KIRKWOOD The City of Kirkwood purchased the Kirkwood Train Station in 2002 from Amtrak and today it is staffed by a group of dedicated volunteers who answer questions, help passengers get “all aboard,” and issue parking passes. The station is also available to be rented for parties and other special gatherings. Check it out!!

Area Attractions

 Kirkwood is located in the heart of St. Louis County and is within a short distance of numerous regional amenities such as Forest Park and Grant’s Farm. Kirkwood itself is home to family-friendly attractions such as the award-winning Magic House and Kirkwood Farmer’s Market as well as historical sites such as the Kirkwood Train Station and Frank Lloyd Wright House. Drop in and find out why Kirkwood is such a wonderful town, you won’t be disappointed.

Anheuser-Busch Brewery                                                              20 Minutes from Downtown Kirkwood

Busch Stadium (St. Louis Cardinals)                                           25 Minutes from Downtown Kirkwood

City Museum                                                                                     25 Minutes from Downtown Kirkwood

Forest Park (Art Museum/History Museum/Zoo)                    20 Minutes from Downtown Kirkwood

Fox Theatre                                                                                        20 Minutes from Downtown Kirkwood

Frank Lloyd Wright House in Ebsworth Park                             5 minutes from Downtown Kirkwood                    

Grant’s Farm                                                                                      15 minutes from Downtown Kirkwood

Kirkwood Farmers Market                                                              Located in Downtown Kirkwood!             

Kirkwood Train Station                                                                    Located in Downtown Kirkwood!                             

Laumeier Sculpture Park                                                                 10 minutes from Downtown Kirkwood 

The Magic House                                                                               Located in Downtown Kirkwood!

Missouri Botanical Garden                                                              15 Minutes from Downtown Kirkwood

Powder Valley Nature Center                                                         10 minutes from Downtown Kirkwood

Purina Farms                                                                                      30 minutes from Downtown Kirkwood

Scottrade Center (St. Louis Blues)                                                 20 minutes from Downtown Kirkwood

St. Louis Arch                                                                                     25 minutes from Downtown Kirkwood