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Advanced Metering Installation 2017

Kirkwood Electric is in the process of converting to an advanced metering system that will eliminate manual meter reading each month and provide timely power usage data to customers. Installation of meters is expected to begin in January 2017. It may take up to one year to complete all the installations. Customers will be notified before installers begin work at their homes.

This new technology will allow customers to see what their power usage is, and it will allow Kirkwood Electric to determine almost immediately when a power outage occurs – and where. To help Kirkwood Electric customers understand the process better, the following Frequently Asked Questions  have been developed.


Question: Why is my electric meter being replaced?

Answer: The new system will include an automatic meter reading technology that will save labor and time, prevent any recording errors, minimize wear and tear on vehicles, minimize the need for us to go on the private property of customers, and allow better analysis of the collected data.

Question: When will this work be performed?

The work will begin in January 2017. The entire project will take approximately 12 months to complete. In most cases the transition will be completely transparent and will not affect customers. The work will be performed on weekdays (Monday thru Friday) during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).


Please Note:  It will take all year to replace the meters. So for example, you will get your letter explaining the process in November, but your meter might not be replaced until July or August 2017 (or earlier or later).  Therefore, a month prior to installation, we will leave a door hanger at your home as a reminder.

Question: How will this affect my service?

Answer: A contractor will come to your residence and replace your electric meter. There will be interruption of service for approximately 5 to 10 minutes during the change, but after that it will be the same great service that you’ve come to expect.


Question: How long will it take?

Answer: In most cases, it’s a simple procedure that will take about 30 minutes.


Question: How do I know who is authorized to do the work?

Answer:  Kirkwood Electric has contracted with Utility Metering Solutions (UMS) to conduct this service. They will be driving UTILITY METERING SOLUTIONS trucks, wearing bright yellow shirts/jackets/vests identified by “UTILITY METERING SOLUTIONS Meter Replacement Team” and carrying appropriate identification.

Question: What will they do at my house?

Answer: Installers will remove the old electric meter, install the new electric meter, and clean up the area if needed.

Question: Do I have to be present for the installation if the meter is outside my home?

Answer: No. If your outside meter is accessible, it will not be necessary for anyone to be home.


Question: I’m on vacation or not available that day. Whom do I call?

Answer: For outside meters that are accessible, it will not be necessary for anyone to be home. In this case, the majority of the work will take place at the outside electric meter box.


Question: Is there any special care or maintenance that I need to do to my new meter?

Answer: No. Your new meter does not require any maintenance by the homeowner. As before, Kirkwood Electric will take care of all maintenance. However, please know that this new meter has transmitting technology on it that allows your meter to be read remotely.


Question: Will wireless technology affect my health or privacy?

Answer: The new meters will not negatively affect health or privacy. In fact, overall health will be improved and privacy enhanced by replacing vehicles and manual visits to your home with environmentally clean radio communication. The wireless portions of the system will be operated according to Federal Communications Commission rules, and will not interfere with other radio frequencies in the area. The transmitters use one-quarter of the power of a cellphone transmission. In fact, exposure to radio waves from smart meters is absolutely tiny compared to cellphone transmissions. The amount of exposure to radio waves decreases with the square of the distance from the radio source and the total transmission time is only 15 seconds per day.

The American Cancer Society on its website provides useful information on the health effects, if any, of smart meters. Read about it here:

Question: I still have questions, where can I get additional information?

Answer: Call 314-822-5842.