Kirkwood Parks and Recreation Ice Rink
Skate Year-Round

The Kirkwood Ice Rink is open year 'round for Public Skating.  Even in the sweltering heat of the summer, you can still cool off on the ice. Scroll down rink page for monthly calendars.



Get involved beautifying your neighborhood through KPAC's Adopt-A-Park program. Adopt-A-Park is where community groups, churches or businesses volunteer their time and resources to provide general care to a park of their choice. The City of Kirkwood has 13 parks available for adoption along with many landscape zones.  To acknowledge the adopter's commitment, the Parks and Recreation Department installs a sign in the adopted park as a visible statement of commitment to the park. 

How the Program Works

Adopters make a commitment to maintain the park for one year. Adoption responsibilities vary based on the needs of each park, however, adopters generally perform weeding, planting, learning paths, picking up litter and promoting park usage. Adopter groups may also suggest service projects. Park staff will work closely with adopters to provide the support and expertise needed to be successful. Read more about the adoption terms and agreement

There are no fees to participate in this program. The Parks Department supplies the plants, yard waste bags and weed killer. Adopters use their own gardening tools. 

How to Adopt a Park

KPAC makes the park adoption process easy. Simply start with completing the application. The Volunteer Coordinator schedules an appointment with you to discuss the adoption and how to best care for the park. To find out more about park adoptions, call (314) 984-5993 or email