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EnVision Kirkwood 2035

The City’s Comprehensive Plan process if coming to a close!  The EnVision 2035 Steering Committee, Planning & Zoning Commission, City Staff, and the City’s consultant have been hard at work to bring the multi-year project to completion. This process has created a vision for the City going forward and has been based upon feedback from numerous public events and surveys.

The next step in this process is for the Planning & Zoning Commission to hold an official Public Hearing which has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 7th at 7pm at City Hall.  At this meeting, the public will be given the opportunity to make comment on the plan.  A draft version of the plan can be found at the link below or can be reviewed in-person  at City Hall.  Please feel free to review the draft plan and attend the meeting on June 7th!

EnVision Kirkwood 2035 (Draft for Public Comment) 

If you have questions regarding the Envision Kirkwood 2035 plan, please contact City Planner, Jonathan Raiche at 314-984-5926 or

City of Kirkwood Comprehensive Plan "Vision 2015"

Vision 2015 is the current Comprehensive Plan for the City of Kirkwood that will be replaced by the EnVision Kirkwood 2035 plan once it is adopted.  This document and its associated plans was approved by the City of Kirkwood in 2003 to create a vision for the community in order to retain and enhance the desirability and livability of the community. The plan is scheduled to be updated in the near future.