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Planning and Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Division of the Public Services Department is responsible for reviewing new development within the City, which includes:

  • Ensuring new development and redevelopment are in compliance with the City's Code;
  • Working with land owners on subdivision matters;
  • Working with residents, developers, and business owners on permitting;
  • Providing long-range planning services such as updates to the Comprehensive Plan that look to the future; and
  • Supporting the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Forms and Applications for Developers:

  • View meeting schedule and submittal deadlines for Planning & Zoning applications. Click here for schedule
  • Apply for a Rezoning, Site Plan, Special Use Permits, and more. One application covers everything. Click here for Packet
  • Apply to subdivide your land, including splitting one lot into two.  Subdivision Application Packet. Click here for packet
  • Apply to move a property line between you and your neighbor or to consolidate multiple properties into one.  Boundary Adjustment Plat Packet. Click here for packet

Kirkwood Development Regulations:


Contact the City Planner:  Jonathan Raiche (AICP)

Phone: 314-984-5926          Email:

Kirkwood City Hall is located at 139 S. Kirkwood Road in downtown Kirkwood. The Planning office is on the lower level of City Hall.