Today's Safety Tip


July 25, 1918 - The first paid, full-time fire department in Kirkwood went on duty. A volunteer bucket brigade served the City beginning in 1853. A volunteer fire company was set up after a huge fire wiped out the City armory on April 30, 1904, while most of the citizens were attending opening day at the World’s Fair.

Permit Information

The mission of the Kirkwood Fire Department is not only to mitigate emergency situations, but to also prevent or minimize the effects of those emergencies. This mission begins before first hole is dug for a new building, before you put your car in gear, and before you see the kids off to school. The Fire Marshal's office is a big part of that mission. They review plans and conduct inspections during construction of commercial structures to assure that fire prevention codes are being followed. For more information about building inspections and permits, please visit the Building Commissioner page on this Website.

Kirkwood Fire Department line personnel actively participate in our fire prevention and safety mission. Line firefighters and paramedics perform annual fire safety inspections at every business within the City. These inspections are in place to help our business owners identify issues that may contribute to an unsafe situation and to prevent damage that can have adverse effects upon their livelihood.  The Kirkwood Fire Department issues permits through the Building Commissioner's office for building construction, commercial use, blasting, and commercial fireworks. Feel free to contact us with any permit related questions you may have.

Occupancy Permits

Occupancy permits are required by the City Of Kirkwood through the Building Commissioners office for owners or tenants to occupy or re-occupy existing commercial or residential space, or to occupy newly constructed space. The completed application is not a permit. An inspection and approval is required before occupying.   All questions may be directed to Leo Meyer, Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Marshal, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 314-822-5884, or by email:

The Building Commissioner's office issues all permits for the City of Kirkwood and may be contacted at 314-822-5823.

Construction Permits

The Kirkwood Fire Department provides fire, rescue, and emergency medical services for the City of Kirkwood and the City of Oakland. The Kirkwood Fire Department requires permits for building construction, commercial use, blasting, bonfires, recreational fires, and commercial fireworks. The private use of recreational fireworks is expressly prohibited by Saint Louis County ordinance and the City of Kirkwood. We strongly discourage the use of fireworks due to their dangerous nature.

Completed building permit applications must be submitted to the City of Kirkwood Building Commissioner's office with the required sets of drawings. Applicant will be notified when the permit is ready to be picked up and what the required fees are. No work may begin prior to permit issuance.

All questions may be directed to Leo Meyer, Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Marshal, at 314-822-5884, between 8:00 and 4:30 Monday through Friday. He may be contacted via e- mail at

Building Permit Fee Schedule and Requirements

For complete information about permits, submittable deadlines, the 2009 International Building Code/Residential Code, and fees, please visit the Building Commissioner's page on this Website (click here).

For the City's Code of Ordinances, please visit this page of our Website (click here).

Fire Department / Open Burning Permits

  Permits are required for:

  • Fire alarm systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Mechanical Electrical
  • Cooking hood suppression
  • Cooking hood
  • Duct Installations
  • Special agents
  • Removal of underground storage tanks

 Other Permits

  • Fireworks Fee: $125 - Per Display, No Sales Allowed
  • Blasting permit: $125 good for up to 30 days
  • Temporary Tents, Canopies, and Membrane Structures.$ 48 (application)( regulations)
  • Storage rack installation 12 feet or taller, same as commercial fees.
  • AST's & UST's, & removal of underground storage tanks, same as commercial fees.
  • Paint booths, same as commercial fees.