Kirkwood Landmarks Mission Statement:

Kirkwood Landmarks Policy Statement The Landmarks Commission recognizes and preserves properties that represent or reflect elements of the City’s thriving cultural heritage and architectural history. Certified by the State of Missouri's Historic Preservation Office, the mission of the Landmarks Commission is to protect, retain, and enhance such properties.  The Commission has been instrumental in designating more than 90 landmarks, six local historic districts, and four National Register historic districts, which include businesses, schools, churches, cemeteries, and homes.  The Commission is very proud of its efforts to preserve the rich heritage of Kirkwood and to ensure that its unique character continues.




Kirkwood Arts Commission

The Kirkwood Arts Commission was established in 2014 by the Kirkwood City Council, to promote the arts in the City and around the region.

Kirkwood Arts Commission Mission Statement:  The Kirkwood Arts Commission is a Commission of the City of Kirkwood that promotes and sponsors the arts and participation in the arts for the benefit of the Kirkwood community. [Adopted July 2014]

Many thanks to Emmy Beaven who created
the Kirkwood Arts Commission logo (right). 

Photo Competition

The Arts Commission's "Celebrating
Public Art" Photo Competition is
NOW open. Entries will be accepted
June 1 thru July 31, 2017.

Click here for the informational brochure. 


Click here to access the list of sites
where public art can be
found in Kirkwood. 

Click here to go to the contest website.

Click here for a map of public art locations.    


Art at the Station:  Artist Jury is July 22


Click here to download the application packet. 

Arts Calendar:

If you would like to sign up to receive the Kirkwood Arts Calendar by email, with upcoming arts events and programming, please send an email to: 

Public Art Policy: 

You can read the Public Art Policy developed by the Arts Commission and approved and adopted by City Council in April 2017.  Click here to download the policy.

Making Music Summer Concert Series 2017:

Click here to download the 2017 Making Music Summer Concert Series Schedule. 

Art at the Station:

July 2017 Exhibit: Bryan Wieczorek and Robert Dill

Art at the Station Artist Bios: July 2017


Are you interested in becoming a volunteer with the Kirkwood Arts Commission?  If so:

Sign up here!!

Support the work of the Arts Commission: Donate Now!

DONATIONS WELCOME.  The Kirkwood Arts Foundation is the fundraising group that supports the Kirkwood Arts Commission.  The Kirkwood Arts Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization.  You can donate to the Foundation by mail:  Kirkwood Arts Foundation, P.O. Box 220492, Kirkwood, MO  63122.  OR use the PayPal Donate Now button directly below. THANK YOU.

Arts Commission Members:

Agnes Garino (Chair)
Judy Roberts
James Weidman
Zoe Perkins
Jim Erwin
Will Frank
Paige Buffington

Council Liaison: Nancy Luetzow
Staff Liaison:  Beth von Behren:


Full Commission:  Third Tuesday of every month, 5:00 p.m., at City Hall


May 16, 2017 (PDF)   RTF 
April 18, 2017 (PDF)   RTF
March 31, 2017 (PDF)   RTF 
February 21, 2017 (PDF)       RTF
February 13, 2017 (PDF)   RTF
January 17, 2017 (PDF)   RTF
Meeting Minutes 2016:    
December 15, 2016 (PDF)   RTF
November 15, 2016 (PDF)      RTF 
October 18, 2016 (PDF)   RTF
September 20, 2016 (PDF)   RTF 
August 16, 2016 (PDF)   RTF
July 19, 2016 (PDF)
June 21, 2016 (PDF)
May 17, 2016 (PDF)   RTF
April 28, 2016 (PDF)   RTF
April 19, 2016 (PDF)   RTF 
March 22, 2016 (PDF)   RTF
February 16, 2016 (PDF)   RTF
January 19, 2016 (PDF)   RTF

2015 MINUTES:    
December 15, 2015 (PDF)   RTF
November 17, 2015 (PDF)   RTF
October 20, 2015 (PDF)   RTF
September 15, 2015   RTF
August 18, 2015   RTF
July 21, 2015 (PDF)   RTF
June 16, 2015 (PDF)   RTF
May 19, 2015 (PDF)   RTF
April 21, 2015 (PDF)   RTF
March 17, 2015 (PDF)   RTF
February 24, 2015 (PDF)   RTF
January 20, 2015 (PDF)     



December 16, 2014 (PDF)   RTF
November 18, 2014 (PDF)   RTF
October 21, 2014 (PDF)   RTF
September 23, 2014 (PDF)   RTF
August 19, 2014 (PDF)   RTF
July 15, 2014 (PDF)   RTF
June 17, 2014 (PDF)   RTF
May 20, 2014 (PDF)   RTF
August 19, 2014 (PDF)   RTF
July 15, 2014 (PDF)   RTF
June 17, 2014 (PDF)   RTF
May 20, 2014 (PDF)   RTF
April 15, 2014 (PDF)   RTF
March 4, 2014 (PDF)   RTF
February 12, 2014 (PDF)