Saving Trees During Construction

So you're building a new home but you love the older trees on the lot and don't want to lose them?

There are several ways to achieve your goal of retaining trees during construction.  The key to success is communication.  First, talk to your architect, and stress that keeping the mature trees on the lot is just as important as having the right kind of kitchen.  In fact, you may want to look for an architect who has experience designing homes with trees in mind.  Communication continues as plans are discussed with landscape architects, arborists, foresters, extension agents or other experts.

Communication with the actual builder is essential.  Many builders sympathize with the desire to save trees, but they may view it as too time-consuming or otherwise costly, or they may not know as much about tree-saving techniques as you do. In the Arbor Day Foundation tradition of honoring individuals and companies whose actions demonstrate high ideals in tree planting and care, an awards program was created in 1988 for builders and developers. To learn more about this program, or for more tips on how to save trees during construction, visit the Arbor Day Foundation Website.

Emerald Ash Borer:  What You May Need to Know


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