If there are flags or markings in or on your yard or near your yard, it means somebody – a neighbor or someone planning to do construction work near your yard – has called Missouri One Call Systems to have all nearby utilities located.  When someone is going to dig up the ground for any reason, they are required to locate utilities first.  The company that locates the utilities will come out and mark with paint all the utility locations in the vicinity so that whoever is digging will not dig up a utility line.  Now you can find out what’s going on simply and easily.

Missouri One-Call Systems (MOCS) has added a helpful feature to their Website – the ability to research utility-locating work by area.  “Ticket Search” gives the general public the ability to obtain information about utility-locate work being done in their area, who’s digging in a specific area, and what they are doing.  Users can search by ticket number, if they have one, or they can define the search using other criteria such as date, address, excavator name, etc.  Click here to go directly to the "Ticket Search" page.


Reading Your Water Meter

Most residential customers will have one of two types of water meters at their property. The first type will have a numerical odometer reading on it. The second type of meter is more difficult to read in that it normally has 6 or 7 small dials, similar to that on a clock.

Here is an illustration of the first style, an odometer type meter face, with a reading of 25,647 cubic feet:
Odometer Type 1 Meter Face

On meters with multiple dials, you need to use only the readings of the following four dials to check your bill:
  1. 1,000
  2. 10,000
  3. 100,000
  4. 1,000,000
When filling out your meter reading card that you send to the City’s Customer Service Department, you should still record all of the dials. When a pointer on any of these dials is between two numbers, you should use the lower number.

Here is an illustration of the second style, a dial type meter face, with the hands recording usage of 25,647.1 cubic feet:
Odometer Type 2 Meter Face