If there are flags or markings in or on your yard or near your yard, it means somebody – a neighbor or someone planning to do construction work near your yard – has called Missouri One Call Systems to have all nearby utilities located.  When someone is going to dig up the ground for any reason, they are required to locate utilities first.  The company that locates the utilities will come out and mark with paint all the utility locations in the vicinity so that whoever is digging will not dig up a utility line.  Now you can find out what’s going on simply and easily.

Missouri One-Call Systems (MOCS) has added a helpful feature to their Website – the ability to research utility-locating work by area.  “Ticket Search” gives the general public the ability to obtain information about utility-locate work being done in their area, who’s digging in a specific area, and what they are doing.  Users can search by ticket number, if they have one, or they can define the search using other criteria such as date, address, excavator name, etc.  Click here to go directly to the "Ticket Search" page.


Frozen Pipes

Here are some tips and things to consider if you feel you may have a frozen water pipe.

  • Is the flow of water interrupted over the entire building, or just one location? If it is just one location, find out if and where the pipes are running through an outside wall. It is possible to have just one frozen pipe. If the entire building has no water then it is possible that the water meter and/or the private water service line to the building is frozen.
  • Is your water meter located inside the building or outside in a meter pit? If the meter is located in a meter pit outside, check to be sure the meter pit cover is in place, if it is ajar, or if the cover and/or frame have holes in them. If the cover is missing, ajar or the cover and/or frame has holes that are exposing the meter to cold air, you will need to provide a solid cover over the pit so that the meter and/or pipes within the pit can thaw. This process can take hours to produce results. To speed the thawing process, try hanging a light bulb down in the meter pit to provide slow warming of the air within the pit. Once the thawing process is complete, be prepared for the possibility of a broken pipe or water meter. When water lines freeze, this can sometimes cause the bottom of the water meter to break. Since it is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain the water meter pit frame and cover, it will be your responsibility to replace any defective frame or cover. Frames and covers can be purchased from the City’s Water Department at 212 S. Taylor Ave. You may contact the Water Department at (314) 984-5936 for current pricing.
  • If your water meter is located in a finished area of your basement, check to be sure that the water meter has been properly insulated and has protection from freezing during winter months.
  • Do your water pipes run through an attic because there is no basement in the building? Lack of insulation between the roof and ceilings can cause pipes to freeze.
  • Do your water pipes run through your garage? Pipes wrapped in heat tape can freeze if the heat tape wears out. The heat tape can burn out like a light bulb, but you may not be aware of this until the pipes freeze. Be sure to check your heat tape to be sure it is functioning properly before the winter months arrive.

If you feel you have a frozen pipe and/or water meter and you need assistance, Kirkwood Water Department maintenance personnel can provide you with the following:

  1. Shut off your water service during normal business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday). If you feel you have a frozen water pipe and/or water meter and feel you need immediate assistance during our normal business hours, please contact the Kirkwood Water Department at (314) 984-5936.
  2. We will also make a service call after our normal business hours (after 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and on holidays) to assist you in locating a frozen pipe, shut water off and/or replace a frozen water meter. The cost for a service call after normal business hours is a minimum of $76.00. There may be an additional charge if the meter has been damaged and needs to be replaced. The property owner must absorb the cost for the replacement of a frozen meter since the property owner is responsible for maintaining their service line in a manner as to avoid freezing. This is stated in the Kirkwood Code of Ordinances, Section 23-117.2. If you feel you have a frozen water pipe and/or water meter and feel you need immediate assistance after our normal business hours, please contact the Police Dispatch at (314) 822-5865.