The newest Kirkwood Water water tower stands tall on Rose Hill Avenue.


Locating Water Pipelines & Stop Boxes

Water Main Location Requests
Missouri State Law for Underground Facility Safety and Damage Prevention requires that any person making or beginning any excavation notify all underground facility owners/operators that may be affected by said excavation at least two full, but not more than 10, working days in advance, except in the case of an emergency. An "emergency" is legally defined as a situation involving danger to life, health or property. Missouri law defines a "working day" as every day, except Saturday, Sunday, or a legally declared local, state or federal holiday.

The Kirkwood Water Department is a participating member of the Missouri One Call System (1-800-DIG-RITE). Missouri One Call must be contacted to request location information and/or marking of underground city-owned water mains.

Water Service Line Location Requests

Since the City does not own or maintain any part of underground private water service lines to individual buildings, we will only locate and mark what the City owns, referred to as water main(s). Underground private water services are owned and maintained by the property owner, as defined by City ordinance.

In some cases, the Kirkwood Water Department has limited information such as sketches and tap information pertaining to private water service lines. These service line sketches have been plotted from available records and their locations, although fairly accurate, are not guaranteed to be accurate. If service line information is available it can be provided to you.

Stop Box Location Requests

The Kirkwood Water Department has a Stop Box Location Services Policy. We invite you to review the policy to become familiar with what services the Kirkwood Water Department can provide to you in the event it becomes necessary for you to locate your water stop box. Please contact us at (314) 984-5936 if you have any questions about the policy.