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Citizens can use the Neighborhood Caretaker Alert (NCA) form to anonymously notify the City of issues or concerns.  The NCA form is available in paper form only at City Hall, 139 S. Kirkwood Road; at the Kirkwood Community Center, 111 S. Geyer Road; at the Kirkwood Public Library, 140 E. Jefferson Avenue; and at ALL THREE Fire Houses (137 W. Argonne, 11804 Big Bend, and 1321 W. Essex).  If you have completed a form previously, you can find the results of your anonymous Neighborhood Caretaker Alert form here - click on the link and then enter your form number:

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Why is my water pressure so bad?

Low water pressure can be indicative of several problems or situations. If water pressure is lower than usual at one source (faucet, tub, hose, etc.) but sufficient in the rest of the building, it is safe to assume that the fixture itself and/or the pipe feeding the fixture needs to be repaired or replaced at the property owner’s expense. It could also be something as simple as a clogged faucet screen. If water pressure is lower than usual over the entire building, this could indicate a water meter problem, aging or undersized plumbing (including the service line), or a significant leak on the service line. The water department should be contacted should you experience a decrease in water pressure over the entire building. Please call (314) 984-5936 to arrange for a time when maintenance personnel can assess the situation. You can learn more about low water pressure by reading our checklist.

What is the hardness of my water?

When you purchase some appliances that require water for operation (such as dishwashers), most manufacturer’s suggest that you find out the hardness of your drinking water. The hardness of Kirkwood’s drinking water is 7.5 gpg (grains per gallon).

What do I do if my pipes freeze in the winter?

If your pipes freeze, the first thing to do is locate the house shut-off valve in case the frozen pipe bursts. It is usually located on your water service pipeline immediately after it enters the basement wall. You should then contact a plumber for repairs. The Water Department can shut your water off outside in an emergency only, but there is a charge involved. If you call for this service during normal working hours, the charge is $25.00. Overtime callouts are very expensive. Therefore, it is best if you can shut your water off yourself. Feel free to read our frozen pipes checklist to learn more.

What is the source of the City’s water supply?

All of the drinking water in Kirkwood is purchased from Missouri-American Water Company, which serves all of St. Louis County. The water originates from the Missouri River, is treated by Missouri American, purchased by the City, and redistributed to Kirkwood customers through City mains. Please refer to Kirkwood Water’s Annual Water Quality Report (part 1 and part 2) for more information about your drinking water.

Who is responsible for maintenance of the drinking water service line to my property?

Underground water services to individual buildings are not owned by the City of Kirkwood, but are owned and maintained by the property owner. Underground water mains that serve entire neighborhoods are part of the city’s distribution system, and the city is therefore responsible for their maintenance.  Leaks on service lines are typically covered by the Water Service Repair Fund insurance program.

What are my options for having my inside water meter read?

To accommodate customers’ work schedules, early morning appointments (7-8 a.m. Monday-Thursday) are available by calling Customer Service at (314) 822-5843, and Saturday appointments (one Saturday per month) can be scheduled by calling the Kirkwood Water Department at (314) 984-5936. Residents can have a remote reading device installed at no cost, which would eliminate the need for having the inside meter read. To do so, call the Kirkwood Water Department at (314) 984-5936 to schedule its installation.