City Clerk

Charter of The City of Kirkwood, MO


Article I. Incorporation, Name and Boundaries

Section 1.1 Incorporation, name and boundaries

Article II. Powers

Section 2.1 Powers

Article III. The Mayor and Council

Section 3.1 Powers vested

Section 3.2 Composition, eligibility, election and time

Section 3.3 Mayor

Section 3.4 Prohibitions

Section 3.5 Vacancies, forfeiture of office, filling of vacancies

Section 3.6 Judge of qualifications

Section 3.7 Investigations

Section 3.8 Independent Audit

Section 3.9 Legislative Proceedings

Section 3.10 Revision of Ordinances

Section 3.11 City Clerk

Section 3.12 Municipal Judge

Section 3.13 City Attorney

Article IV. Chief Administrative Officer

Section 4.1 Appointment and Evaluation

Section 4.2 Removal

Section 4.3 Acting Chief Administrative Officer

Section 4.4 Powers and duties of the Chief Administrative Officer

Article V. Administrative Organization

Section 5.1 Existing organizations

Section 5.2 Merit system

Article VI. Financial Procedures

Section 6.1 Fiscal year

Section 6.2 Submission of budget and budget message

Section 6.3 Budget

Section 6.4 Capital program

Section 6.5 Council action on budget

Section 6.6 Council action on capital program

Section 6.7 Public records

Section 6.8 Amendments after adoption

Section 6.9 Administration of funds and obligations

Section 6.10 Tax rates and tax rolls

Section 6.11 Sale of bonds

Article VII. Nominations and Elections

Section 7.1 City elections

Section 7.2 Nominations by petition

Section 7.3 Preparation of ballots

Section 7.4 Election procedure and determination of results

Article VIII. Initiative, Referendum and Recall

Section 8.1 General Authority

Section 8.2 Commencement of proceedings; petitioners' committee; affidavit

Section 8.3 Petitions

Section 8.4 Procedure after filing

Section 8.5 Referendum petitions; suspension of effect of ordinance

Section 8.6 Action on petitions for initiative and referendum

Section 8.7 Actions on petitions for recall

Section 8.8 Withdrawal of petitions

Section 8.9 Results of election

Article IX. Franchises

Section 9.1 Granting of franchises

Section 9.2 Right of regulation

Section 9.3 Revocable Permits

Section 9.4 Operation beyond franchise

Article X. Licensing, Taxation and Regulation of Businesses, Occupations, Professions, Vocations and Other Activities

Section 10.1 Objects of licensing, taxation and regulations

Article XI. General Provisions

Section 11.1 Personal financial interest

Section 11.2 Political activity

Section 11.3 Prohibitions

Section 11.4 Official bonds

Section 11.5 Charter amendments

Section 11.6 Public improvements and special assessments

Section 11.7 Proof of ordinance

Section 11.8 Separability

Article XII. Transitional Provisions

Section 12.1 Personnel system

Section 12.2 Ordinances to remain in force

Section 12.3 Pending actions and proceedings

Section 12.4 Continuance of contracts, public improvements and taxes

Article XIII. Schedule

Section 13.1 Election to adopt charter

Section 13.2 First election

Section 13.3 Time of taking full effect

Section 13.4 Incumbent members of the city council; first meeting of the newly elected council

Section 13.5 Acting Chief Administrative Officer

Section 13.6 Temporary ordinances

Section 13.7 Purpose of schedule