Today's Safety Tip


July 25, 1918 - The first paid, full-time fire department in Kirkwood went on duty. A volunteer bucket brigade served the City beginning in 1853. A volunteer fire company was set up after a huge fire wiped out the City armory on April 30, 1904, while most of the citizens were attending opening day at the World’s Fair.

Fire Prevention Team

Fire Prevention Team

The Kirkwood Fire Department Fire Prevention Team, led by Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Marshal Leo Meyer, are responsible for applying Fire Prevention and Building Codes, in cooperation with the Building Commissioner's Office, to all commercial buildings within the City of Kirkwood and the City of Oakland.  Regular inspections of commercial buildings are conducted annually and intended to minimize the possibility of a fire starting and limit the spread if necessary.  Certain buildings identified as "target" specific hazards, such as schools and nursing facilities, are inspected multiple times annually as required by the State of Missouri.  Inspections are conducted to ensure compliance with current building codes and to ensure each building's occupants have the ability to safely exit the building should a fire occur.  New commercial building construction have their plans reviewed prior to construction and inspected during construction and upon new occupancy by a new business or tenant.  The Fire Prevention Bureau provides services and education as follows (but not limited to):

  • Permits
  • Fire Safety Education
  • Request for a Fire Report

Open Burning Regulations and Limitations:  Frequently Asked Questions - this is a printable brochure about open burning regulations and the limitations of recreational or outdoor fireplaces.  These rules are intended to maximize your safety.

Further questions can be directed to Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Marshal Leo Meyer, in the administrative offices, at 314-822-5883 or by email: Leo Meyer