Neighborhood Caretaker Alert
Response Center

Citizens can use the Neighborhood Caretaker Alert (NCA) form to anonymously notify the City of issues or concerns.  The NCA form is available in paper form only at City Hall, 139 S. Kirkwood Road; at the Kirkwood Community Center, 111 S. Geyer Road; at the Kirkwood Public Library, 140 E. Jefferson Avenue; and at ALL THREE Fire Houses (137 W. Argonne, 11804 Big Bend, and 1321 W. Essex).  If you have completed a form previously, you can find the results of your anonymous Neighborhood Caretaker Alert form here - click on the link and then enter your form number:

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What's a blog?  Well, it's short for Web Log or Weblog (with the first two letters deleted), which means it's a log or diary about what's going on in the City.  It's less formal in its approach and style, but more interactive!  That means we hope you'll get involved by sending a comment on something you've read on the blog, or by posing a question.

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Services Provided

24-hour service to Kirkwood and Oakland

Paramedics available 24-hours-a-day

Blood Pressure Screening
Given weekdays at all three fire stations. The service is normally provided between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

CPR Course Training
Given by appointment by Fire Department Personnel. Training follows American Heart Association guidelines. Click above link to send e-mail requesting training or information.

Fire Prevention Program
This program is aimed at reducing the incidences of fire within the jurisdiction of the Kirkwood Fire Department. Commercial buildings are routinely inspected one to two times each year. Homeowners can request a fire safety inspection of their home at any time. Click above link to send e-mail requesting more information on fire prevention.
Car Seat Installation Assistance
Kirkwood Fire Department offers car seat installation assistance to citizens every month by appointment only. Available time slots are limited. Please complete the "Assistance Request" form here, and hit "submit" when finished. If you need more than four seats installed, you will need to complete additional forms.

Kirkwood Fire Department makes every effort to contact everyone who requests assistance. The number of requests for assistance varies throughout the year. Preference will be given to residents of Kirkwood and Oakland. If you are in immediate need of an installation you can click the following link to find a regular scheduled inspection station:

Please be aware that car seat-assisted installations and car seat installation checks are different. Checks take less time, and any corrections will still be made if needed.  If you prefer to do your own installation, we have listed below some helpful links for installing a child safety seat:

~ How to Install Your Car Seat, from Parents Central.
~ The Ultimate Car Seat Guide, from SafeKids
~ How to Install a Child Car Safety Seat (YouTube Video)

Please follow all safe practices for installing a child safety seat, and refer to your child safety seat manual and your vehicle manual when installing. Kirkwood Fire Department makes every effort to contact everyone who requests assistance. The number of requests for assistance varies throughout the year. Preference will be given to residents of Kirkwood and Oakland. Thank you. Your child’s safety is our priority. 

Fire Safety Talks
These informational talks are presented to various groups in the community. Topics have included the proper use of fire extinguishers, evacuation techniques, fire safety for the elderly, hazardous materials and the capabilities of the Kirkwood Fire Department.

Fire Station Tours
Offered at all three stations. School-aged children from four years to nine years in age are the most prevalent visitors. Click above link to send e-mail requesting a tour or information.

Greentree Festival Participant
The Department participates heavily in the Greentree Festival each year. Equipment is displayed, fire safety literature is handed out, demonstrations are given regarding kitchen fire safety, and fire games are offered for the children using retired fire hydrants.

EMS Bicycle Response
The Department furnishes a team of Firefighter/Paramedics on bicycles
to the Greentree Festival and other community events. The Bike Team provides a rapid response for emergency care into heavily congested areas where motor vehicle access is limited.

Hazardous Materials Collection
As part of St. Louis County's Hazardous Materials Response Team, the Kirkwood Fire Department is trained to provide information on the safe keeping and the proper disposal of hazardous materials.

"Hug-A-Bear" Program
This program involves the handing out of small stuffed bears to children who have been injured or otherwise involved in accidents with injuries. The bears are donated to the Fire Department by Target Stores.

Scouting Merit Badges
The Fire Department also works with Scout troops to assist them in obtaining merit badges related to fire safety and first aid.

Smoke Detector Installation Program
"Project Sleep Safe" is run strictly on the donations of our citizens. So far, over $1,600 has been collected to purchase smoke detectors for citizens in need. Departmental personnel install the detectors and provide a short fire safety talk. Click above link to send e-mail requesting information.

Quality Control Survey Cards
These cards measure citizen satisfaction with the service provided to them by the Fire Department. The survey card is sent at random to citizens that have used the emergency medical services or the fire/rescue services. It is envisioned that the survey cards will enable the department to maintain and improve the services they provide. Click above link to send e-mail survey card.

A 10-minute video describing the work performed by members of the Fire Department is available to groups requesting it. The video was made in-house by department personnel. Homeowners can request a fire safety inspection of their home at any time.