If there are flags or markings in or on your yard or near your yard, it means somebody – a neighbor or someone planning to do construction work near your yard – has called Missouri One Call Systems to have all nearby utilities located.  When someone is going to dig up the ground for any reason, they are required to locate utilities first.  The company that locates the utilities will come out and mark with paint all the utility locations in the vicinity so that whoever is digging will not dig up a utility line.  Now you can find out what’s going on simply and easily.

Missouri One-Call Systems (MOCS) has added a helpful feature to their Website – the ability to research utility-locating work by area.  “Ticket Search” gives the general public the ability to obtain information about utility-locate work being done in their area, who’s digging in a specific area, and what they are doing.  Users can search by ticket number, if they have one, or they can define the search using other criteria such as date, address, excavator name, etc.  Click here to go directly to the "Ticket Search" page.


Building Permits

What is a Building Permit?
A building permit is a license which grants legal permission to start construction of a building project.

What Construction Projects Need Building Permits?

Check with the Building Department for the requirements in this area. Building permits are typically required for the following:
New Buildings
Additions Electrical Systems
Renovations Plumbing Systems
Demolitions HVAC Systems (heating, cooling etc.)
Prefabricated Structures Miscellaneous for residential (pools, fireplaces, decks, fences, retaining walls etc.)
Temporary Buildings Miscellaneous for commercial (parking, health, food handling, etc.)

The Purpose of Permits
Permits allow the enforcement of the codes which have been adopted as law by a state, county, township or city. No matter what the specific project may be, the enforcement of codes is carried out to protect the public health, safety and welfare. The unit of government which enforces the code is acting to assure safe construction.

The Use of Permits
Code officials and inspectors use building permits as a vital step in their enforcement of codes. You have an investment in the home or business you are about to build or remodel. When that home or business building does not comply with the codes, your investment could be reduced. Applying for a building permit notifies the Code Official that you are constructing or remodeling a building so he or she can ensure code compliance.

Why a Building Permit?
Building permits provide the means for Code Officials to protect us by reducing the potential hazards of unsafe construction and therefore ensuring the public health, safety and welfare. The building permit process helps us understand what our local laws and ordinances are. Before any construction or remodeling work begins, application for a permit should be made. Building permits provide the means for Code Officials to inspect construction to ensure that minimum standards are met and appropriate materials are used.

What Codes are Currently Enforced?

Click here to visit the Code of Ordinances page on the Website.