If there are flags or markings in or on your yard or near your yard, it means somebody – a neighbor or someone planning to do construction work near your yard – has called Missouri One Call Systems to have all nearby utilities located.  When someone is going to dig up the ground for any reason, they are required to locate utilities first.  The company that locates the utilities will come out and mark with paint all the utility locations in the vicinity so that whoever is digging will not dig up a utility line.  Now you can find out what’s going on simply and easily.

Missouri One-Call Systems (MOCS) has added a helpful feature to their Website – the ability to research utility-locating work by area.  “Ticket Search” gives the general public the ability to obtain information about utility-locate work being done in their area, who’s digging in a specific area, and what they are doing.  Users can search by ticket number, if they have one, or they can define the search using other criteria such as date, address, excavator name, etc.  Click here to go directly to the "Ticket Search" page.


Building Commissioner's Office

Reach Us:

  • Building Commissioner, Jack Schenck: 314-822-5814
  • Deputy Building Commissioner Russell Todd:  314-822-5817
  • Building Commissioner's Office:  314-822-5816


  • Apply to schedule an Occupancy Permit Inspection.  Apply online here
  • Building and other Permit Applications. Contractors can set up a Master Account to view permit history and information related to a specific permit. Apply online here
  • Property Maintenance and Building/Zoning Code Enforcement. 
  • Not sure if you need the Building Commissioner's Office or Code Enforcement. Read the brochure.
  • Schedule an inspection:  Call 314-822-5816. This must be done at least 48 hours in advance.  

Boards and Commissions:

  • Visit the ARB page of this website here (click).
  • Visit the Board of Adjustment page of this website here (click).
  • Visit the Landmarks Commission page of this website here (click).
  • Visit the Planning & Zoning Commission page of this website here (click)

Other Permit Applications:

Other Information: Work Flow for demolition and building permits

The items required to be submitted to obtain full plan review and approval for a new Single Family Residence in the city of Kirkwood are:

1) Full construction plans signed and sealed by an architect registered in the state of Missouri
2) Site plan signed and sealed by an engineer registered in the state of Missouri showing existing and proposed grades, driveway and sidewalks and drainage plan, etc.
3) Truss drawings signed and sealed by an engineer registered in the state of Missouri
4) HVAC plans and heat loss/gain calculations
5) Cover sheet of the installation instructions for pre-fabricated fireplace (including direct-vent and ventless) The full installation instructions shall remain on the job site for reference by the inspector

Two copies of the above are required to be submitted. One copy of the above will be returned to the applicant stamped and signed by the plan reviewer with any notes attached for builder reference.
1) When applying for a permit, two sets of all building documents, drawn to scale, are required for residential permits.  Three sets are required for commercial permits.

2) Missouri Minimum Boundary Survey Required:  TWO COPIES of a Missouri Minimum Boundary Survey, sealed by a Land Surveyor or Engineer within the last 24 months, must be submitted for all new construction, additions, lot coverage, floor area ratio, pools, and detached accessory structures.
3) Review Time:  Review time for single-family new homes is 10 days to two weeks.  The review time for all other permits is seven to 10 days.

Fees Resolution 105-2018

International Code Ordinances:
~ Plumbing Code
~ Amending Building Code Condemnation Proceedings - Costs
~ Fuel Gas Code
~ International Building Code
~ International Fire Code
~ International Mechanical Code
~ International Property Maintenance Code
~ International Residential Code - One- and Two-Family Dwellings

 *Please Note:Building sewer pipe material shall be a minimum of SCHEDULE 40 PVC or greater in all categories of pipe.
(SDR35 pipe is not acceptable.)