Refurbished Antique Railroad Scale on Display at Kirkwood Train Station

On the scale of such things, a rusting, 100-year-old, wooden contraption, covered in cobwebs and looking like it’s only good for running over toes, may have seemed destined for a landfill or a scrap metal recycler.  Kirkwood and the region at large are lucky that Bill Burckhalter, the Kirkwood Train Station manager, saw "the contraption’s" value and resisted that temptation.

When the City of Kirkwood purchased the Train Station back in 2003, it inherited a variety of old furniture and equipment, including one cast-iron-and-wood, 100-year-old railroad scale, which Bill found in a storage closet.  It was manufactured around the turn of the 20th century by Fairbanks-Morse, a company that still makes scales.  Even the manufacturer was unsure exactly how old the scale is, but they were able to furnish some important details that helped in its refurbishing.

Bill enlisted the help of fellow City staff in Fleet Services, and they went to work on its restoration.  First, they talked to representatives at Fairbanks-Morse, who donated new decals and provided the original paint colors.  The scale was then disassembled, bead blasted (similar to sand blasting), painted, its brass polished, and then re-assembled.  Ace Hardware in Des Peres donated the paint.

Most modern scales are metal, but the Kirkwood scale is largely made of wood (everything in blue in the photo is wood).  It was likely used by the Missouri Pacific Railroad to weigh freight.  The fleet staff constructed a wooden platform to secure the scale and prevent it from rolling so it could be kept on display at the Train Station, where Kirkwood residents can visit it any time the station is open.
Parks & Recreation

Kirkwood Community Center

The Kirkwood Community Center was built in 1966. At that time the building consisted of a 400 seat theater, gymnasium, meeting rooms, recreation offices, warming room and ice skating rink. The facility was expanded in 1992 to include a second gym, new offices, and renovated meeting rooms.
The Kirkwood Community Center has rooms and gyms available for rent. These rooms and gyms can be used for meetings, dances, showers and parties.

200A 598 50
200B 552 40
201A 820 60
201B 560 40
202 621 30
302 644 45
200A/B 1150 90
201A/B 1380 100
300 1344 85
East Gym 3800 220
West Gym 7600 400
Theater 8816 386

The gyms and several of the rooms are equipped with kitchens. We also have TV/VCRs, podiums, microphones, and screens available for rent.


This rental policy shall pertain to all meeting rooms, gymnasiums and theater.
I. Annual Rentals - Contracts are completed on the calendar year.
A. Request for Usage - To ensure everyone wishing to utilize the community center receives equal opportunity to obtain the dates they desire, requests for desired dates and alternative dates should be submitted in writing and sent to the recreation department by August 1 of the prior calendar year.
B. Priority - On August 1, the requests will be assigned on the following priority basis:
1. Park and Recreation Activities
2. City of Kirkwood Functions
3. School District Functions
4. Residents*
5. R-7 Residents
6. Others
*To constitute a resident group:
1) the not-for-profit charter must be established at a Kirkwood address or
2) fifty percent (50%) of the members must live in Kirkwood.

Contracts - Dates will be confirmed in September. A representative will need to fully complete the contract in person at the community center during the month of September. The required deposit will need to be submitted at this time.

Fees - Fees will be due in advance on a quarterly basis for annual rentals.
II. One Time Rentals
A. Request for Usage - Pending availability, requests for usage is on a daily basis.
B. Contracts - The applicant must complete a contract for usage at the recreation department office prior to the meeting. The date is not confirmed until such time.
C. Fees - The fee and deposit will be due within 2 weeks after the date is requested (if time allows). If not, payment is due at time of contract signing.

III. Cancellations - Cancellations should be made at least TWO MONTHS prior to the scheduled date for a full refund. For the specific rules and regulations regarding your rental, please read your contract carefully.

IV. Availability
A. Building Hours - All rentals are to take place between regularly scheduled community center hours and should therefore include clean-up time. Exceptions to this rule are rare and are dependent upon availability of community center personnel. Hourly rates of necessary personnel in these cases will be assessed and are in addition to regular rental rates.
B. Holidays - The building will not be open to the public on holidays the community center has elected to honor and where the nature of events surrounding the community center does not permit usage: New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and day after, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Greentree Festival weekends. Exceptions to this rule are rare and are dependent upon availability of community center personnel. The fees assessed will be the normal usage fee plus the cost of necessary personnel.
V. Advertising - Participants wishing to advertise at the community center with flyers, posters, etc. will be permitted to display them with the approval of the Director in designated areas.

The Marquee will be made available for users of the community center only if space is available. Advertising shall not be displayed on the Marquee any sooner than one week prior to the event.
VI. Storage of Supplies - Rental groups are not permitted to store materials in the facility. If groups set-up prior to their actual rental time, prior arrangements must be made. The community center cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items, rental groups are asked to take appropriate precautions.
VII. Alcohol - The serving of alcohol is permitted. It cannot be sold unless a liquor license is issued by the State of Missouri. The selling of alcohol to any person under the legal drinking age of 21 is prohibited and the person signing the contract is liable for prosecution of violation of state liquor control laws. Please note no glass containers are allowed.

If you would like the rates or any further information, please call 314-822-5859.