Kirkwood Landmarks Mission Statement:

Kirkwood Landmarks Policy Statement The Landmarks Commission recognizes and preserves properties that represent or reflect elements of the City’s thriving cultural heritage and architectural history. Certified by the State of Missouri's Historic Preservation Office, the mission of the Landmarks Commission is to protect, retain, and enhance such properties.  The Commission has been instrumental in designating more than 90 landmarks, six local historic districts, and four National Register historic districts, which include businesses, schools, churches, cemeteries, and homes.  The Commission is very proud of its efforts to preserve the rich heritage of Kirkwood and to ensure that its unique character continues.




Historic Quinette Cemetery

Historic Quinette Cemetery -1.75 acres

Located at 12120 Old Big Bend Boulevard
The oldest African-American cemetery west of the Mississippi was rescued from a developers hands to become part of the Kirkwood park system. The site is believed to be the resting place of approximately 150 individuals, and was offered as a free burial site for those of African-American descent starting in 1866. A recently completed master plan calls for the development of walking paths, small parking area and development of two memorial areas, including one for the five veterans buried in the cemetery.

Quinette Cemetery Master Plan (PDF Files)
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