Kirkwood Utility Customers Can Access Utility Inserts Online

Spotlight Title Do you receive your utility bill by email and pay your account online?  If so, you may be missing out on some important City communications.  Each month, in Kirkwood utility bills, the City inserts a two-sided flyer with information you may need.  Don't miss out just because you pay your bill online.  Click here to find the current and recent utility flyers.


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Finance Department

The Finance Department for the City of Kirkwood handles a variety of processes for residents and business owners:

  • The department manages billing and collection of utility payments for the City’s water, sanitation, and electric departments. Sign up here for online billing and account management.
  • The department issues business licenses and collects business license fees.
  • The department collects liquor license applications and fees. However, approval of liquor licenses rests with the City Council, per City ordinance.
BUDGET RESPONSIBILITIES: Finance Department staff work with members of the Citizens' Finance Committee to develop suggestions for each year's fiscal budget for the City.  The final decisions are made by the City Council.  The "Final" budget document(s) provided below have been voted on and adopted by the City Council.  The "Proposed" budget documents provided below are currently under consideration by City Council and will be updated as changes are considered and implemented.


Documents and Forms:

Approved and Adopted City
Budget, FY2017-2018, FINAL 
            Click here for the "Property Tax
Certification" for the City 
Click here to download the
adopted 2016-2017 budget
  Click here for the Audited 2016 CAFR for the
City (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report)
Click here for the City's Long-Term
Financial Plan (Version Aug 2016)

In Person: The following transactions can be conducted at the Finance window on the main level, at Kirkwood City Hall, 139 S. Kirkwood Road, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

To contact the Finance Department:

Finance Director: John Adams
Phone: 314-822-5833

Utility Billing/Customer Service Phone: 314-822-5843
Business License Information Phone: 314-984-6944