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Kirkwood Water Department: Quenching Your Thirst Since 1903

Water Superintendent:  Clarence Patterson
Phone:  822-5810     Email:  PatterCA@kirkwoodmo.org

Kirkwood owns and operates its own water utility. For Kirkwood customers, that means better service, local control, and more accountability.

The Kirkwood Water distribution system includes approximately 135 miles of water main. Our smallest diameter water main is two inches, and our largest is 24 inches. We repair an average of 150 main breaks per year. Most existing water mains are four and six inches in diameter and lie beneath street pavement. Most new water mains are eight and 12 inches in diameter and are typically installed beneath grass, between the street curb and the sidewalk.

The City owns and maintains water mains that serve entire neighborhoods. We also own and maintain the water meter assigned to each building or home. If your water meter is leaking or appears to need maintenance, please contact us at 314-984-5936. The City does not own or maintain water service lines to individual buildings or homes. Service lines pipes run the entire length from the tap (connection) on the City’s water main all the way up to the building, and are owned and maintained by the property owner. 

Read the 2017 Water Quality Report:  Click here (PDF)
To contact Kirkwood Water:

     Water Main Break:
     ~ Phone: 314-984-5936
     ~ Phone, After-Hours: 314-822-5858

Customer Service/Billing:
~ Phone: 314-822-5843
~ Email: kwdutil@kirkwoodmo.org