Today's Safety Tip

Dog Rescue In 2010, the Frontenac Fire Department contacted the Kirkwood FD with a request to help with a water rescue effort, using Kirkwood’s specialized equipment and cold water rescue suits. The victims in this cased turned out to be two dogs who had fallen through the ice in a private pond in Huntleigh and gotten trapped, after apparently chasing some geese across the frozen water. The dogs, who had escaped from their Kirkwood home, were clearly distressed and showing signs of hypothermia. They were retrieved safely from the icy water, dried off, and warmed up before being returned to their happy owners.



Kirkwood Fire House #2 –  on Big Bend


Kirkwood Fire Department: Keeping You, Your Family, and Your Property Safe

The mission of the Kirkwood Fire Department is to “Save Life and Property.” To accomplish this we provide efficient and effective all-hazards emergency response to the community to ensure the best possible life, property, and environmental safety protection through excellent emergency medical services, fire-based transport, fire prevention, fire suppression, safety education, technical rescue, hazardous materials response, and emergency preparedness services. This commitment is intended to safeguard the general welfare and economy of
the Cities of Kirkwood and Oakland. The vision of the Kirkwood Fire Department is for all members to willingly work toward common, team-oriented goals with enthusiasm and dedication. These goals will be mutually agreed upon and based on clearly communicated, well focused and understood priorities and values. We will make the safety and well being of the citizens and community we protect our highest priority. We will move deliberately and with determination toward mastering our mission --- to “Save Life and Property.” First and foremost, these actions will result in a safe community, and secondly, in a safe, stable and consistent work environment where all members are respected, grow, learn, and enjoy the job and each other. 

The Kirkwood Fire Department provides 24-hour firefighting and paramedic services to the Kirkwood and Oakland communities. KFD also offers educational programs to schools and community groups, specialized training (CPR, fire prevention), safety inspections, and blood pressure screenings (see “Services Provided”).

Kirkwood Firefighters and EMS crews use modern technology to locate fires more quickly and protect your property as well as your life. Cutting-edge technologies include thermal imaging, compressed-air foam, “Culprit Artery Technology” software for reading EKGs, and Bluetooth technology for transmitting information to hospital emergency rooms.  Listed below are statistics related to fire department effectiveness for the Fiscal 2013-14 period from April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014:

  • Responded to 3822 Incidents
    • Fire Related -1087
    • EMS - 2735
  • Total apparatus (fire truck or ambulance including Mutual Aid) responses: 7251
  • Estimated value of property lost - $ 623,128
  • Total fire injuries – 2, (1 firefighter, 1 civilian)
  • Total fire fatalities – 0
  • Kirkwood Average response time to emergency – 5 minutes and 21 seconds

For EMERGENCIES, call 911.

To contact the Kirkwood Fire Department, in a NON-EMERGENCY:

Interim Fire Department Chief:  Lawrence Bierman

Assistant Chief/Fire Marshal: Leo Meyer


Deputy Chief/EMS: David Smith

Administrative Phone: 314-822-5883
Fire House #1, 137 W. Argonne. Phone: 314-984-6950
Fire House #2, 11804 Big Bend. Phone: 314-984-5906
Fire House #3, 1321 W. Essex. Phone: 314-984-6980

~ Fire Department