Saving Trees During Construction

So you're building a new home but you love the older trees on the lot and don't want to lose them?

There are several ways to achieve your goal of retaining trees during construction.  The key to success is communication.  First, talk to your architect, and stress that keeping the mature trees on the lot is just as important as having the right kind of kitchen.  In fact, you may want to look for an architect who has experience designing homes with trees in mind.  Communication continues as plans are discussed with landscape architects, arborists, foresters, extension agents or other experts.

Communication with the actual builder is essential.  Many builders sympathize with the desire to save trees, but they may view it as too time-consuming or otherwise costly, or they may not know as much about tree-saving techniques as you do. In the Arbor Day Foundation tradition of honoring individuals and companies whose actions demonstrate high ideals in tree planting and care, an awards program was created in 1988 for builders and developers. To learn more about this program, or for more tips on how to save trees during construction, visit the Arbor Day Foundation Website.


Contacting City Staff

Contact Us -- By Telephone, Fax, U.S. Mail, or E-Mail
(Note: All phone listings below unless otherwise noted are in area code 314)

POLICE DEPARTMENT, 131 West Madison:

For questions about records, code enforcement, or any other non-emergency questions:

Emergencies: 9-1-1
Non-Emergencies: 822-5858
Police Chief: 822-5866
Shift Supervisor: 822-5881
Code Enforcement: 822-5805
Community Relations: 822-5868
Municipal Court/Traffic Violations: 822-5840
Records/Reports: 984-6915

For Additional Municipal Court Information (Redirects to Court Website Page)


To report a fire or medical emergency ALWAYS dial 9-1-1. For questions about non-emergencies:

Administration/Fire Chief: 984-5980
House #1: 984-6950 137 W. Argonne
House #2: 984-5906 11804 Big Bend
House #3: 984-6980 1321 W. Essex


Tim Griffin (Mayor):  822-5804
Nancy Luetzow:  965-1470
Maggie Duwe:  287-0023
Ellen Edman: 749-1705
Mark Zimmer: 560-3992
Wallace Ward: 640-9043
Kara Wurtz:  799-0030


Architectural Review Board: 822-5816
Arts Commission:  822-5894
Board of Adjustment: 984-6943
City Council: 822-5802
Human Rights Commission: 822-5806
Landmarks: 822-5815
Park Board: 822-5855
Planning & Zoning: 822-5815
Urban Forestry Commission:  855-5801

ADMINISTRATION, 139 South Kirkwood Road:

Chief Administrative Officer: 822-5806
Asst. Chief Admin. Officer: 822-5801
City Clerk: 822-5802
Human Resources: 822-5809
Public Information Officer: 822-5894


Building Commissioner: 822-5814
Building Permit Review: 822-5817
Inspections & Permits: 822-5823
Landmarks/Historic Preservation: 822-5815


For questions related to business licenses or utilities (billing, payments, credit, moving in or out, customer service, meter reading).

Finance Director: 822-5833
Business Licenses: 984-6944

PARKS & RECREATION, 111 South Geyer Road

To send an email inquiry to the Parks & Recreation staff:

Community Center Office: 822-5855
Room Reservations: 822-5859
Park Reservations: 984-5986
Parks & Recreation Director: 822-5857
Park Maintenance: 822-5897
Park Ranger: 822-5826
Ice Skating Rink: 822-5825
Aquatic Center: 984-6971
Aquatic Center Manager: 984-6972
Tennis Courts: 822-5864
Fields/Athletics/Events Hotline: 433-4313


For questions about sewer-lateral issues, the Planning and Zoning Commission, trash pick-up, or streets:

Public Services Director: 822-5846
Engineering: 822-5822
City Forester: 984-5907
Streets: 984-6948
Sanitation: 822-5828
Recycling Depository ~ 350 South Taylor: 822-5828

PURCHASING, 212 South Taylor:

Purchasing Director: 822-5850


For questions about water or electric service, moving in or out, payments, credit, billing, meter reading, or to report an outage during regular business hours:

Billing: 822-5843
Customer Service / Power Outage (during business hours): 822-5842
~ After hours and on weekends, to report an outage, call:  822-5858
Water Main Break: 984-5936
After-Hours Power Outage or Water Main Break: 822-5858
Moving In or Out: 822-5843
Electric Administrative Offices: 822-5842
Water Administrative Offices: 984-5936
Construction & Maintenance:
~ Electric: 984-5925
~ Water: 984-5936
Report Street Light Outage: 822-5842
Locate Underground Electric Cables or Water Lines: 1-800-DIG-RITE


Kirkwood Farmers' Market: 822-0084
Downtown Kirkwood Special Business District: 822-0084
Kirkwood Public Library: 821-5770
Kirkwood Train Station: 984-8617
Reserve the Train Station:  792-4125


Chief Administrative Officer Russell B. Hawes:
Assistant CAO Georgia Ragland:
City Clerk Betty Montano:
Building Commissioner Jack Schenck:
City Engineer Ted Dunkmann:
Electric Director Mark Petty:
Finance Director John Adams:
Fire Chief Jim Silvernail:
Human Resources Manager Mollie LeBlanc:
Parks & Recreation Director Murray Pounds:
Police Chief Brian Murphy:
Public Information Officer Beth von Behren:
Public Services Director/Water Director Bill Bensing:
Purchasing Director David Weidler: