Neighborhood Caretaker Alert
Response Center

Citizens can use the Neighborhood Caretaker Alert (NCA) form to anonymously notify the City of issues or concerns.  The NCA form is available in paper form only at City Hall, 139 S. Kirkwood Road; at the Kirkwood Community Center, 111 S. Geyer Road; at the Kirkwood Public Library, 140 E. Jefferson Avenue; and at ALL THREE Fire Houses (137 W. Argonne, 11804 Big Bend, and 1321 W. Essex).  If you have completed a form previously, you can find the results of your anonymous Neighborhood Caretaker Alert form here - click on the link and then enter your form number:

All Aboard: the City Blog

The City of Kirkwood is BLOGGING!  Join us in the conversation at ALL ABOARD, the City's new blog.  Read cool stuff, and leave a comment or a question!

What's a blog?  Well, it's short for Web Log or Weblog (with the first two letters deleted), which means it's a log or diary about what's going on in the City.  It's less formal in its approach and style, but more interactive!  That means we hope you'll get involved by sending a comment on something you've read on the blog, or by posing a question.

We're glad you're here, and we hope you enjoy the ride!


City of Kirkwood Administration at Work for You

The City of Kirkwood’s Charter places legislative and policy-making authority with the City Council and administrative authority with the Chief Administrative Officer. The Administration Department serves as an important interface between the Council, the public, and City departments. Department staff bring professional city management and public relations skills to the City and play an important leadership role in its governance.

Long-term strategic planning is managed through Administration. The City’s current Strategic Plan includes the City’s Mission Statement, Core Values, Vision Statement, five-year goals, and more.

COMMUNITY SURVEY REPORT: Click here to read the results of the 2016 Community Survey.  


To contact Kirkwood Administration:
Chief Administrative Officer: Russell B. Hawes
Phone: 822-5803 or 822-5806

Assistant Chief Administrative Officer: Georgia Ragland
Phone: 822-5801

Public Information Officer: Beth von Behren
Phone: 822-5894

Human Resources Manager: Mollie LeBlanc
Phone: 822-5809

To reach the City Clerk’s office, the Mayor of Kirkwood, or members of the Kirkwood City Council, please visit the City Clerk’s page on this Website.

Chief Administrative                              Assistant Chief Administrative
Officer: Russ Hawes                                  Officer Georgia Ragland