Kirkwood Landmarks Mission Statement:

Kirkwood Landmarks Policy Statement The Landmarks Commission recognizes and preserves properties that represent or reflect elements of the City’s thriving cultural heritage and architectural history. Certified by the State of Missouri's Historic Preservation Office, the mission of the Landmarks Commission is to protect, retain, and enhance such properties.  The Commission has been instrumental in designating more than 90 landmarks, six local historic districts, and four National Register historic districts, which include businesses, schools, churches, cemeteries, and homes.  The Commission is very proud of its efforts to preserve the rich heritage of Kirkwood and to ensure that its unique character continues.




About Kirkwood

About Kirkwood

Kirkwood, Missouri, was established in 1853 and today covers approximately nine square miles, with a population of 27,540. 

  • History: Learn more about the history and demographics of the City. Click here (pdf).
  • Preservation: Learn more about historic preservation in the City of Kirkwood.  Click here for that website page
  • What's Happening: To read recent City press releases, learn about our social media pages, or sign up for publications, click here.
  • Kirkwood Historical Society: Visit the Kirkwood Historical Society, which is housed at Mudd's Grove, 302 W. Argonne Drive, in downtown Kirkwood. Visit their website at Or call them at 314-965-5151.
  • Call Us:  Need to reach the City but don't know what number you need?  Call 314-822-5800 for a list of department extensions.
  • School District: The City of Kirkwood is served by the Kirkwood School District. Chartered in 1865, it is the oldest school district in St. Louis County and one of the oldest west of the Mississippi River. Visit their website here
  • Library: The City of Kirkwood operates its own public library, located at 140 E. Jefferson in downtown Kirkwood. For patron hours or upcoming events, visit their website here.
  • City Map: Need to find a street, learn where the picnic tables are in Kirkwood Park, or look at the City's Zoning Map? All of the City's maps can be found on this page (click here). To learn more about how the GIS map system works, click here (pdf). To read the tutorial for the maps, click here (pdf).