The newest Kirkwood Water water tower stands tall on Rose Hill Avenue.

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City Maps

The new and improved City Maps are now available here. 

Click here to access our Tutorial for the City Maps.


  1. The Kirkwood City Base Map works best on Windows browsers. It also works in Safari and Firefox on Apple products (but typically not in Chrome or on the iPad). Users must have Adobe Flash Player, version 11.0 or higher, installed for the maps to work.
  2. To zoom in to a specific area, click on the plus icon under the hand icon. Then draw a square or rectangle on the map, and it will zoom in to that area.  To broaden this area, click on the minus icon and do the same.   To slide the map across the page, click on the hand icon first.  Then click inside the map and move it with your mouse.

Disclaimer: These maps are for general informational purposes.  Although the City of Kirkwood does not anticipate any errors with these maps, the City nevertheless makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy of the information contained herein and cannot be held liable for any mistakes.  The information set forth on these maps is public information and is being made available to the public in this format as a convenience.  Users noting errors or omissions are encouraged to send an email to:  Thank you.