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Welcome to Kirkwood!

Turn-of-the-century homes and a thriving business community await you in the City of Kirkwood, Missouri. Established in 1853, Kirkwood has long been known for its down-home charm, community pride, nationally recognized schools, vibrant business community, and its involved residents.

News & Announcements

Year-End Commercial Development Updates

Approved and Recently Opened
~ Kirkwood Brewhouse, 10312 Manchester Road, in Greentree Center. New restaurant located in the old Winfield's Gathering Space, described as a "sports-friendly, beer-centric pub, wrapped around a great menu," according to St. Louis Magazine. Kirkwood Brewhouse recently received approval for an expanded outdoor seating area that will be located in the existing adjacent courtyard in the Greentree Center.
~ CVS Pharmacy, southwest corner of Kirkwood and Manchester Roads.  New building with approximately 14,000 square foot combination pharmacy with drive-thru, medical clinic, photo lab, and retail sales, on the old Lou Fusz site.  The new store is now open and is open 24 hours.
~ Midwest Regional Bank, west of new CVS. Another new building on Manchester Road, between the new CVS and the existing Waterway carwash. Approximately 3,500 square foot banking facility with drive-thru service.

Approved & Under Construction
Fresh Thyme Market, southeast corner of Kirkwood and Manchester Roads. New 28,000-square foot grocery was completed in 2016 and is anticipated to open in February 2017.  The store will focus on local and healthy grocery options.
~ Kirkwood Square Retail Center, 10700-10712 Manchester Road. New 16,000-square foot, multi-tenant commercial building is under construction at this location directly east of the new Fresh Thyme building.  It will replace the old center that was built in the 1960s.
~ Villa Di Maria School, 1280 Simmons Avenue. The existing Montessori School founded in 1967 is currently building a new classroom building along with outdoor amenities including an open air pavilion and a pool house. This will provide additional updated facilities for their 6.2 acre campus.

~ Starbucks, 10300 Manchester Road on Greentree Center Parking Lot.  New stand-alone Starbucks building was approved in 2015 for the southwest corner of Manchester Road and Woodlawn.  This project has not yet reached the construction phase but is still moving forward according to the property owners.  This location was approved for a 1,900 square foot building with drive-thru facilities.
~ Strictly Pediatrics Daycare, 449 Magnolia. Approval was granted this Fall for a new daycare building that is proposed for the northwest corner of Woodbine Avenue and Magnolia Avenue on a currently vacant site.  The proposed center would be approximately 11,000 square feet, catered to infants, toddlers, and pre-school aged children.

Online Utility Payment System Upgrades Completed

The online utility payment system has been upgraded successfully. Residents can make one-time-only payments or register to set up recurring payments. Please visit this page of the City website to learn more.   

Sanitation Routes Will Be on a Delayed Schedule This Week

Due to the Martin Luther King Birthday holiday on Monday, January 16, sanitation collection will be on a delayed schedule all week. Monday routes moveto Tuesday, Tuesday routes move to Wednesday, Wednesday routes move to Thursday, and Thursday routes move to Friday. 

Power Restoration Involves a Sequence of Operations 

We are re-publishing the following article as a reminder in the event of an ice-related power outage over the coming days:

When large power outages occur, Kirkwood Electric crews follow a "sequence of operations" to restore power to the greatest number of customers at one time. As power is restored to the larger areas, crews work to restore individual, isolated cases. Generally, the following steps are followed to restore power.

STEP ONE: High-voltage transmission lines supply power to substations from power plants where the electricity is produced. If the transmission lines are damaged, it is impossible for power to be supplied to anyone.

STEP TWO: Substations receive electricity from transmission lines. Large transformers located at substations reduce voltage from 34,500 volts to about 13,000 volts. Substations must be repaired before power can be sent to distribution lines.

STEP THREE: Distribution lines are the third link in the system to be repaired. Distribution lines (also called 3-phase lines) operate at 13,000 volts. They typically provide power to commercial and industrial customers, but they also supply electricity to single-phase lines.

STEP FOUR: Single-phase lines (or "tap lines') operate at 7,200 volts and supply power to residential areas. During extreme power interruptions, it may take days to completely restore power to all tap lines because they are widespread and make up a larger portion of the electric system.

STEP FIVE: The final step is to restore electricity to individual homes and small services. During this step, power is generally supplied at a voltage of 120/240. Repairs to individual service lines and transformers can be time consuming, as there are often numerous isolated cases. These individual service locations must be repaired one job at a time.

Greentree and Emmenegger Park Repairs Ongoing a Year Later

Many of the repairs to Greentree Park made necessary by the flooding that occurred in December 2015 have been completed.  Repairs to the restroom facility located near the boat ramp are finished, including electrical systems and roofing for the building.  Replacement of the scoreboard and associated electrical service has been completed, as well as repairs to the electrical system serving the press box.  New bleachers and goalposts have been acquired and installed.  The major task remaining in Greentree Park is the replacement and relocation of the control system for the athletic field light system.  That project is underway and should be completed in a month or so. 

Emmenegger Park repairs are still underway.   Due to erosion of the river bank at its location, the pavilion located in Emmenegger has been taken down.  The decision about where to locate a new pavilion will depend on the outcome of an effort to relocate major utility supply lines exposed by the flood.  A request to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to provide assistance to protect the banks of the Meramec River in the park was recently denied, leaving any effort to repair the bank in the park unfunded. 

To date the City has received just over $176,000 in insurance settlements and FEMA grants to repair the damage from the flood in the two parks.  In addition to staff labor costs for clean-up, a total of just over $124,000 has been spent to repair the damage (this figure does not include possible future costs to replace the Emmenegger pavilion).

Kirkwood Electric Will Install New Meters Starting in January 2017

Kirkwood Electric is in the process of converting to an advanced metering system that will eliminate manual meter reading each month and provide timely power usage date to customers. Installation of meters is expected to begin in January 2017. It will take up to a year to complete. Therefore, customers will be notified in several ways. First, all customers will receive a letter in November explaining the change. Next, about a month before installation, the affected customer will receive a door hanger announcing the coming installation. Finally, customers will receive another door hanger on the day of installation, informing them that the work has been completed.

This new technology will allow customers to see what their power usage is, and it will allow Kirkwood Electric to determine almost immediately when a power outage occurs and where. To help Kirkwood Electric customers understand the process better, a set of Frequently Asked Questions has been developed. You can access it here on this website.