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Welcome to Kirkwood!

Turn-of-the-century homes and a thriving business community await you in the City of Kirkwood, Missouri. Established in 1853, Kirkwood has long been known for its down-home charm, community pride, nationally recognized schools, vibrant business community, and its involved residents.

News & Announcements

50 Trees Street-Tree Planting Program Seeks Site Nominations for Fall 2015

The 50 Trees Street Tree Planting program hosted by Keep Kirkwood Green each year seeks site nominations for Fall tree planting.  To promote National Arbor Day on April 24, citizens are asked to nominate sites for trees to be planted in the Fall.

The 50 Trees program began in 2010 to honor the 50th anniversary of the Greentree Festival, but it's been going strong ever since.  This year, the program was recognized with the 2014 Arbor Award of Excellence by the Missouri Department of Conservation.  The group hopes to plant 75 trees this year, bringing the program's six-year total to 420 trees planted by local volunteers through this citizen-led initiative.

Nominated planting sites must meet certain requirements. Sites must be within the City of Kirkwood's publicly owned right-of-way areas, which typically, but not always, fall in the three- to four-foot grassy are between the curb and sidewalk.  The sites must also be clear of overhead utility lines and underground utility conflicts.  Qualified sites will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis. The trees are planted free of charge.

Interested residents willing to help care for a tree should email contact information and exact location of the proposed site to KeepKirkwoodGreen@gmail.com, or contact the program co-chairs Kathy Paulsen, at 314-822-8947, or Nancy Luetzow, at 314-965-1470.  For more information about the 50 Trees program, please visit their Website at KeepKirkwoodgreen.wordpress.com.

Kirkwood Water Implements Infrastructure Renewal Charge

Kirkwood Water has been working for several years to preserve and improve the reliability of the City’s water distribution system.   The need to fund deteriorating public infrastructure across the United States has been the topic of much discussion at both the national and local levels (read a report on that here).  In 2011, Kirkwood City Council established goals as part of the City’s Strategic Plan to improve the City’s public infrastructure, including water distribution.

The Plan’s objectives included replacing a minimum of 1 percent of the City’s aging water mains each year. To meet this goal, the City commissioned a Master Plan (available here) to evaluate the system and develop a rate structure to fund the plan.  The Master Plan concluded that more than $50 million was needed over the next 20 years to preserve the water distribution system’s reliability.

To fund these improvements, Kirkwood’s City Council authorized implementation of a new Infrastructure Renewal Charge (IRC) to be added to water bills in the City, effective April 1, 2015. The charge will be assessed at $1.04 per 100 cubic feet of water used (or 748 gallons) by each customer.  To help offset the IRC, the City will suspend the monthly fire hydrant fee of $2.33 per month.

It remains the City’s goal to provide a reliable, high-quality public drinking water system to its current and future citizens in an equitable and fiscally sound manner.  Any questions can be addressed to Kirkwood Water at 314-984-5936.

Please Consider Taking the Disabilities Survey

The Kirkwood Human Rights Commission has developed a "Disabilities Survey" to determine what actions the City can take to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.  Please consider taking the survey for yourself, a friend, a family member, or anyone visiting the City.  Click here to access the electronic version.  Please complete the survey no later than Friday, May 29.  Thank you.

Public Meetings on MSD Rate Proposal Scheduled for March

On Wednesday, March 4, the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) presented the Rate Proposal for fiscal years 2017 through 2020 (July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2020) to its Rate Commission for both wastewater rates and stormwater revenues. These proposed changes would apply to all MSD customers. MSD will host a series of community briefings with the goal of communicating the components of and reasoning behind the proposal. MSD’s Executive Director Brian Hoelscher will present the proposal, followed by a question and answer session. While these briefings are designed to provide information to the public, MSD Rate Commission will hold its own public hearings in May, specifically to hear public comment about the proposal.  One meeting remains:

  • Wednesday, April 8, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m., The Pointe at Ballwin Commons, 1 Ballwin Commons Circle, Ballwin. 63021

MSD provided the following documents:
~MSD Community Meetings Flyer
~ Final Rate Proposal Fact Sheet
~ Final Rate Commission Fact Sheet

Community Survey Results (Fall 2014) and  Community Center Survey Results (Fall 2013)

The recent Community Survey Results and Report, from Fall 2014, can be accessed and downloaded here.

The Results and Report on the Community Center Survey from Fall 2013 can be accessed and downloaded here.  Both survey reports are long and make take 30 seconds or longer to download and open.




Thank You, Kirkwood Residents

To the Citizens of Kirkwood:  Thank you.

Thank you for voting on April 7 and for showing your support by passing Proposition 1, the City’s Fire/EMS Sales Tax initiative.  Thank you for trusting us. We promise to work hard to live up to that trust and have already begun initiating efforts to hire additional firefighter/paramedics to staff the City’s third ambulance. This will allow us to provide the best possible emergency medical and fire protection service to the Kirkwood community. We are grateful to the voters and to all those who worked so hard to make this happen.  Thank you.

Thomas Openlander, Fire Chief
Russell Hawes, Chief Administrative Officer
Arthur J. McDonnell, Mayor

Open Burning Brochure Available Here from Kirkwood Fire and Rescue

It's that time of year again - the time of year when outdoor grills and outdoor fireplaces are back in use. If you have an outdoor fireplace and are wondering about the City's ordinances, please review Kirkwood Fire Department's brochure on this topic, available here.  The brochure includes information on outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, bonfires, recreational fires, and other important information.

Landmarks Commission and ARB Seek Nominations for Favorite Building Awards

The annual Favorite Buildings Awards Ceremony will be held on Wednesday, May 13, at 7:00 p.m., at the Kirkwood Train Station, 110 W. Argonne Drive, in downtown Kirkwood.  Award nominations are now being sought by the Landmarks Commission and Kirkwood's Architectural Review Board. The deadline is April 17.  Please click here to read more about the nomination process and criteria.

Clay Avenue Railroad Overpass Will Close for Two Weeks

April 2 Update:  Shutdown of the Clay Avenue Overpass Bridge is scheduled to begin Monday, April 6.  Signs have been posted on both sides of the bridge.   The bridge will be completely closed (day and night) for approximately two weeks during this time.  Traffic will most likely be detoured to the Harrison Avenue Overpass.   Minor repairs will be done, and the bridge will be painted.

Residents Can Request Tree Planting Sites

Residents and businesses in the City of Kirkwood can request that a City tree be planted in the parkway or right-of-way at the front of their residence or business.  Visit the Urban Forestry Commission page (here) on this Website, and click on the "Street Tree Request Form" on the right-hand gold navigation column.

City Council Approves and Adopts Budget for Fiscal Year that Starts April 1, 2015

The Kirkwood City Council voted to adopt the proposed budget for the City's next fiscal year (2015-2016) that starts April 1, 2015.  The budget process in Kirkwood starts in early Fall of the previous year when the Citizens' Finance Committee begins meeting to analyze current budgets, future needs, and anticipated revenue and make recommendations to Council.  At the same time, the Chief Administrative Officer and department heads review budgets and plans and submit expected expenditures to Council.  This evaluation process continues for four to five months before a final budget is reviewed and adopted in March of each year.

Click here to access the full budget document.  Please note that this is a large file and may take up to 30 seconds to open.

Community Center Planning Moves Forward

April Update:  The Feasibility Study investigating the future of the Kirkwood Community Center continues to move forward.  In January, residents had the opportunity to view information related to the phase of the study focused on understanding how the existing site and building could be utilized for future development of the Community Center. The consensus that emerged from that review process, and the discussions with the Community Center Study Committee and City Council, was to focus planning efforts on replacing much of the existing community center facility (see site Plan "C" below). At the same time, a new theater facility will be considered in the southern portion of downtown Kirkwood, in the 200 block of East Monroe Avenue (graphic, click here).

City Council has given preliminary approval to develop conceptual plans for both the new facilities. The result of the conceptual planning process will be more refined floor plans, site sections, elevations, and renderings of the buildings' exteriors.  A final vote to approve the contract and funding for the conceptual plan stage is expected at the April 16 City Council meeting.  If approved, the conceptual plan process will move forward immediately and is expected to last three or four months.

~ Site Plan C